Alphabet's new E-Valuation analysis tool pinpoints where electric vehicles will benefit fleets

posted on May 13, 2014

Pilot exercise for Amey Group highlights EVs’ whole-life cost savings of £3,090 per van.

Business mobility specialist Alphabet has launched a new tool for fleets thinking of adopting electric vehicles.

Alphabet launched their ‘E-Valuation’ tool last year as part of their AlphaElectric proposition
and have now developed a ‘lighter’ version in conjunction with route planning and optimisation specialist, Route Monkey. The lighter version of E-Valuation is intended to analyse smaller, specific parts of a fleet. It provides a simple analysis of a fleet’s existing vehicles and highlights where EVs could replace existing cars and vans cost-effectively. Each customer receives a bespoke analysis and recommendations based on actual mileages, emissions, fuel prices and Whole Life Costs of selected current vehicles on their fleet.

The original iteration of the E-Valuation tool, E-Valuation+ analyses a whole fleet in detail with potential for route and vehicle optimisation.

Several fleets are already using the ‘E-Valuation light’ tool, including public services provider, Amey Group.

When Alphabet analysed 15 vans and nine cars for Amey, E-Valuation revealed that six vans and five cars could be replaced cost-effectively with plug-in vehicles.

Among the vans, replacing the four most suitable vehicles with EVs would reduce Whole Life Costs by an average of £3,090 each.

Amey fleet manager, Matt Dillon, said: "We were highly impressed by the information from the 'E-Valuation' tool. The systematic process gave us the evidence we need to make informed decisions on plug-in vehicles."

Jon Burdekin, head of consultancy services at Alphabet, said: "Many fleets want to prepare for plug-in mobility but aren't sure where to begin. Our ’E-Valuation' tool gives them the right answers in one simple process. It gives an all-round review of suitability and guides them towards the right plug-in choices."

'E-Valuation' is part of the successful introduction of Alphabet’s four step e-mobility package, AlphaElectric. Aimed at both corporate and public sector fleets, AlphaElectric is ‘marque neutral’, enabling Alphabet to recommend the right solution and vehicle mix for each situation.

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