Alphabet adds an electric vehicle to its AlphaCity fleet

Leading Business Mobility Solutions provider Alphabet has added an EV to its in-house fleet of AlphaCity vehicles. Alphabet is trialling the electric car (BMW Active E) within its Corporate CarSharing solution AlphaCity underlining their progressive approach of eMobility.

The EV now joins a range of MINIs and BMWs currently on the AlphaCity in-house fleet. The multi award winning scheme is designed to provide private and public sector organisations with on-demand, automated Business Mobility, fully managed by Alphabet. While the adoption of EVs in the UK has been relatively modest (with 3,491 vehicles registered in 2012, source: DfT), Alphabet believes there are strong external market forces that will prompt companies to consider alternative fleet mobility solutions.

Kit Wisdom, Mobility Solutions Manager at Alphabet, comments: “With an increasing emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility, EVs can help businesses stand out from the crowd by demonstrating their environmental credentials and helping to reduce their fuel costs.”

“One of the biggest barriers to feeding EVs into a CarSharing environment is the severe lack of practical experience of them. Our trial will help to fill that knowledge gap and allow us to understand the most suitable uses and customers that will benefit from Electric CarSharing. The most successful way for organisations to ensure EV adoption is to get as many employees engaged in positive electric experiences. An electrified AlphaCity scheme offers the perfect scenario to launch EVs into a fleet. Multiple users can access an EV by becoming a member of the AlphaCity scheme. This allows customers to build up their own knowledge amongst as many drivers as possible. In addition combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles can be positioned side by side allowing drivers to choose the vehicle most suitable for their journey.

It’s not enough to just spend a few hours or a day in an EV, you have to live with it. Adopting an EV onto the AlphaCity CarSharing scheme has enabled us to provide access to this innovative vehicle to multiple users, and ensure AlphaCity is adapted to highlight how EVs can be a successful part of customer fleets.”

Furthermore the integration of an EV into the AlphaCity fleet is a step towards the launch of Alphabet’s comprehensive EV solution AlphaElectric in October.

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