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    Top Ten Tips for Drivers


All vehicles hired through Alphabet must be covered by insurance from the start date and time of the rental up until the point of collection.

If driving on your company insurance policy, you do not need to show the rental supplier a copy of your licence on delivery.

If your company insurance does not cover rental vehicles in the policy, our rental suppliers may provide insurance for the rental which must be requested at the time of reservation, providing that you meet the criteria set by the rental supplier. For rental suppliers’ insurance, you must be present on delivery to show your licence up to two working hours* before your reservation start date and time. This insurance agreement is between you and the rental supplier (excluding Alphabet).

For an AlphaRent+ (Alphabet Lead in) Vehicle, hires are ONLY allowed via your company insurance policy.

Vehicle Delivery

For business deliveries, you must be present. Please inspect your vehicle thoroughly and check for damage and the fuel level in the presence of the delivery agent. Should you need to, please update the Delivery Sheet/Rental Agreement before signing it and ensure you retain a copy for yourself.

If you are unavailable when your vehicle is delivered, you must carry out a vehicle inspection prior to driving.

Should there be less than a full tank of fuel or any damage on the vehicle that is not on the Delivery Sheet/Rental Agreement please contact the AlphaRent team as soon as possible (within 2 hours of the start date and time is recommended). Photos of the damage and fuel gauge are recommended to assist us in case there is any dispute with the supplier.

For an AlphaRent+ (Alphabet Lead in) Vehicle, please note you MUST be present on delivery.

Familiarise yourself

Upon delivery of the vehicle, and before you drive away, please take a few moments to familiarise yourself with the controls, e.g. the lights, indicators, fuel cap, etc.
N.B. it is rare that rental vehicles will contain a manufacturer's handbook; however there should be a sheet with some key functions of the vehicle.

Fines and toll charges

Remember, you are still liable for any speeding offences, fines (including parking, bus lane, etc.), congestion charges or toll fees including Dart Charge. If any of these occur, the cost including the rental suppliers and Alphabet’s administration fees will be passed onto your company who may recharge this to you.

In the event of a breakdown or emergency

Breakdowns include tyre, glass and mechanical issues.

In the event of an accident, and if another party is involved or damage to public property has been caused, please contact the police. Take everyone’s details including; name, address, vehicle details, insurance company (if possible).

If you require recovery for either a breakdown or an accident, please contact the dedicated emergency number either located on the key fob or sticker located on the windscreen. If your vehicle is not fixable at the roadside, you will be taken to the nearest branch to obtain your replacement vehicle (providing you are fit and able to drive).

Taking your rental vehicle abroad

In order to take your vehicle abroad, please contact the AlphaRent or AlphaRent+ team who will arrange a VE103, which you can collect and sign for at your nearest rental location prior to your travel.

Please ensure you check if any equipment is required in the countries you are travelling to (e.g. high-visibility jackets, etc.) as this will not be provided with the rental vehicle. Some commercial vehicles may not be permitted to be taken abroad.

Vehicle checks

Please ensure you regularly check the engine oil level, water level in the radiator, washers and wipers, especially on long journeys.

Amending, extending or cancelling your hire

If you need to amend any part of your booking, extend your rental for longer or cancel your hire for any reason, please ensure you contact the AlphaRent team and where possible, provide a minimum of 4 working hours* notice to help avoid any failed delivery or collection fees.

For an AlphaRent+ (Alphabet Lead in) Vehicle, please call the team 24 hours prior to hire start or end if you need to amend or cancel the reservation.

Fill the tank prior to off-hire

When you are ready to hand back your rental vehicle, please remember to refuel the tank to the point where you hear the double click of the nozzle and keep your fuel receipt for reference. Any fuel the supplier needs to replace to return the vehicle back to the branch, will be charged at an increased price as per your tariff.

For an AlphaRent+ (Alphabet Lead in) Vehicle, please refuel to the same level as on delivery.

Vehicle Collection

Suppliers will endeavor to collect your vehicle within 8 working hours* after the off hire date and time.

Business addresses collections must be signed for and the vehicle condition confirmed on collection.

For home address collections, please make every effort to be available for the vehicle to be checked over by you and the rental suppliers’ collection agent. Please ensure you sign and retain a copy of the collection sheet.

If it is not possible for you to be available, please ensure that you have parked the vehicle in a non-restricted area or permit holder bay and that the keys are available in a safe and secure location away from the vehicle, e.g. under a front door mat, under a flower pot.

For an AlphaRent+ (Alphabet Lead in) Vehicle, our suppliers will collect within 48 hours of the off-hire date. Please note you MUST be present on collection if you are in an Alphabet+ (Alphabet Lead in) Vehicle.

*Rental working hours are classed as 08:00 - 18:00, Monday to Friday. Suppliers may endeavor to deliver or collect a vehicle outside of these core hours on some occasions.

*AlphaRent+ (Alphabet Lead In) working hours are classed as 09:00 –17:00, Monday to Friday. Suppliers will not deliver or collect outside of these core hours unless by prior agreement.


Please note

If you rent/hire a vehicle for 28 days or more you should bear in mind that Benefit In Kind (BIK) may apply.

If you have a question please contact us

AlphaRent Team 0370 50 50 101 rentalservices@alphabet.co.uk or AlphaRent+ Team 0370 0120 591 alpharentplus@alphabet.co.uk