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Frequently asked questions


Where can I have my service carried out?

Service can be carried out at any official dealership. You can find an overview of the dealerships in your vicinity in the AlphaGuide app (free download for IOS or Android in the App Store) or right here.

How do I pay for the service at the garage?

If the maintenance and wear and tear service is an integral part of the lease agreement, the costs will be directly invoiced to Alphabet. Please always present your personal service card, with which you identify yourself as an Alphabet customer. 

What is included in service management?

The maintenance and wear and tear service includes: 

1. Maintenance

  • Services: all service work in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and service manual throughout the entire lease term including materials (original spare parts) and liquids, use of prescribed test devices; excluding additives and any other additions
  • Emission level tests: periodic emission level tests and measurement according to the regulations of Swiss authorities; repair of emission-related components and entry into the exhaust inspection document
  • Vehicle licensing authority: vehicle repairs to meet the cantonal requirements regarding licence renewal, including any necessary work, spare parts and documents

2. Wear and tear repairs

  • Includes the detection and repair of any damage due to wear and tear of the vehicle when driven and used correctly, including the required original spare parts

You will be invoiced for any work which is not part of the service. 

How can I reclaim any service costs paid in cash?

You can submit a reimbursement request to reclaim any cash expenditures in the AplhaGuide APP. Once we have received all required documents, the amount will be reimbursed. 

Can services and tyre changes be carried out abroad?

Services and tyre changes may only be carried out in Switzerland at an official dealership or an Alphabet tyre partner.

How-To Video: Service for Alphabet cars


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