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Frequently asked questions


What is AlphaDrive?

In addition to our services associated with the corporate fleet of your company, we also have attractive offers for employees without company car eligibility as part of AlphaDrive. With AlphaDrive you have the opportunity to privately lease a vehicle at affordable leasing conditions.

Who can use AlphaDrive?

If a company is a customer of Alphabet, each company employee can use AlphaDrive, regardless of whether the employee is eligible for a company car or not.

What vehicles can be leased?

All vehicles that are officially distributed in Switzerland can be leased via AlphaDrive.

How can I request a quote?

You can request a quote directly online via the Internet login you will receive from your fleet manager or HR partner. You will find the login area at .

Do I need a quote from a dealer?

No, you can also send an online configuration using our online request form. We then assess which dealer has the best offers for you.

What happens if I change my employer?

As the agreement is between Alphabet and you, a change of employer does not affect the existing agreement.

What are the valid terms and conditions?

Our current terms and conditions can be requested at

Can I be informed about the changing terms and conditions and offers?

You can subscribe to our quarterly newsletter in the AlphaDrive section at

When does the lease agreement start, and when are the first lease fee payments due?

The lease agreement starts on the day on which the car is delivered. The first lease fee is paid directly to the dealer. Starting from the second month, the lease fees must be paid to Alphabet. You will receive a corresponding letter including the payment slip after the vehicle delivery.

Where can I request my login details?

You will receive the login details from your fleet manager or HR partner.


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