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Ease your way into effective electromobility

The route towards electrification starts with an individual consultation with our eMobility experts to determine your electrification potential. We’ll support you in meeting challenges such as CO2 specifications or cost targets, and take into account your individual needs. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment to establish if and what type of electric mobility would best suit your fleet.


Fleet analysis

Key to developing an optimal eMobility solution is a qualitative and quantitative analysis of your fleet. We’ll use real data to analyse driving behaviour. And on the basis of driving profiles and usage patterns, we’ll provide clear decision criteria for every vehicle as to whether to electrify or not.

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Electrification strategy

Alphabet helps you to develop a holistic electrification strategy with tangible objectives and thorough planning. Your company goals first need to be defined: whether it’s reducing CO2 emissions to the minimum, achieving the same costs as for petrol-driven cars or simply optimising your costs. Once these goals are in place, Alphabet will support you in developing a suitable strategy. Factors such as taxation and your carbon footprint will, of course, be taken into consideration.




TCO Consulting

Electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid cars (PHEVs) now present companies with excellent opportunities to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

As illustrated in the eCar policy section, we take into consideration all factors that have an impact on fleet costs and compare different types of powertrains. These include acquisition costs, SMRs, insurance, tyre management, fuel & energy management and charging infrastructure.

We also take into account, of course, the diverse range of fiscal measures that European governments are currently offering, both on a national and regional level.

Fleet regulations and incentives are different from market to market. Our experts would be happy to advise you on specific details of individual fleet funding solutions.

Finally, but just as important, all these factors will be aligned to and consistent with your fleet electrification strategy, and we’ll advise you on your optimal fleet composition. Indeed, we will establish the mix of electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and petrol-driven cars that best corresponds to the usage patterns of your drivers.

International (September 2020), internal research mainly based on ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association) – Source: Alphabet
International (September 2020), internal research mainly based on ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association) – Source: Alphabet


Charging strategy

The right charging infrastructure is fundamental when it comes to electrifying your fleet. We’ll recommend the ideal charging network for your company based on the results of our fleet analysis. For example, what is the optimal number of charging stations you should install at your work premises? Alternatively, you could install them at your employees’ residences, so that they can always leave home fully charged. 
We will also consider the public charging infrastructures available in your areas. To this end, we can draw on an extensive network of outstanding electricity providers at national level. This enables us to develop an international concept and implement it in the different countries quickly and easily. 



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