• Alpha City


AlphaCity is a cost-efficient Corporate CarSharing solution. It provides your employees with convenient mobility access - for business or pleasure. Alphabet manages AlphaCity for you from beginning to end.

You want economical, full-service Corporate CarSharing that is convenient and easily managed. Alphabet has developed a solution with all of these benefits and more.

Take a look at AlphaCity:

AlphaCity’s technology makes it easier than ever to use a company pool car:

  • Employees register for membership and receive an RFID chip on their driver’s license.
  • Vehicles are self-booked online via the AlphaCity platform - for business or personal journeys.
  • Business trip costs are automatically allocated to the relevant company department.
  • Private journeys are paid for with a personal credit card.
  • Keyless car access is enabled by the RFID chip.

See for yourself how simple AlphaCity can be:

With AlphaCity, your Total Cost of Mobility cost is lower: income generated from private use fees is offset against leasing costs. You also save money on taxis, rental charges and business miles in private cars. Furthermore, less management means fewer outgoings on carpool staff.

You save valuable time with AlphaCity’s simple implementation and administration: Alphabet sets up the booking and payment system, arranges employee membership, delivers the cars and looks after their servicing. AlphaCity’s online platform and keyless technology relieve you of reservation and key duties. As costs are automatically allocated, you have less administrative hassle and more transparent accounting.

What’s more, as an employee incentive, AlphaCity is hard to beat: by making premium brand pool cars available during leisure time, you not only save money and time with this solution, you also keep good staff happy and motivated.