• Short Term Rental

Short Term Rental

Occasionally as a Fleet Manager, you will need a car on a temporary basis: for an employee on a trial period, for an international business associate, or when awaiting the delivery of a new car. With a broad selection of vehicles and many different options, our Short Term Rental division has the perfect solution for every situation.

Here at Alphabet Belgium Short Term Rental, we have a broad selection of private and commercial vehicles. Our vehicles are top quality and this is something we guarantee. We furthermore ensure that your vehicle is delivered quickly. Within just 5 hours, we can deliver you a car in perfect condition, no matter where you are in Belgium.

The services of Short Term Rental furthermore provide you with complete coverage. In addition to being covered for civil liability, all vehicles furthermore benefit from comprehensive insurance, legal expenses insurance, theft insurance and an additional policy for the driver. Repairs, services and tyre replacements are included, as is Alphabet Assistance, both while in Belgium and abroad.

As you can see: worry-free mobility.