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Maintenance and repair

We determine a specific amount for each make and model, which covers all of the costs for servicing according to the manufacturer's instructions, plus any repair costs resulting from normal wear and tear. Repairs to options and accessories are also included in the maintenance and repair budget. This economy of scale enables us to agree significant discounts with importers and dealers.

When a vehicle is due a service, you can visit the garage of your choice, without the driver having to complete any administrative formalities. All invoices are furthermore checked by a team of specialists. This allows us to keep perfect track of your vehicle's service history.

Your benefits?

  • No administration for your drivers
  • Garage of your choice
  • Courtesy cars always available

Courtesy car

Alphabet is also a provider of tailored solutions when it comes to courtesy cars. Customers can choose from a wide range of options:

  • a courtesy car from category A (mini car)
  • a courtesy car from a category below your lease car
  • a courtesy car from the same category as your lease car
  • a courtesy car only when immobilised for at least 24 hours
  • a courtesy car in all cases
  • etc.
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