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Do you want to offer your drivers a wide range of mobility solutions? Avoid busy traffic and parking charges, give your drivers a choice of various bicycles and scooters, in combination with their lease car.

We currently offer the following types of bicycles and scooters:

  • City bicycles
  • Racing bicycles
  • Folding bicycles
  • Electric bicycles
  • Electric scooters

If you wish, we can develop a proposal with you for insurance, breakdown and an all-in repair and maintenance service. At the end of the contract the driver can choose whether or not to purchase the bicycle or scooter. 

Your benefits? 

  • Broad and varied offer
  • Low prices
  • Insurance, breakdown and maintenance service possible

Frequently asked questions: 

    What are the rules on taxation and what are the conditions?

    It is important that the bicycle is used for commuting or for professional travel. A declaration of honour can be used for this purpose.

    How do you arrive at the total amount paid if you compare it with the cost price of the bicycle? Why is the ratio for less expensive bicycles greater?

    The provision for claims management concerns the comprehensive part of the insurance. The more expensive the bicycle, the more expensive this component of the insurance, because in the event of a claim, the repair costs will be greater. The cost not only covers the repair costs in case of damage but also covers the book value of the bicycle if it is stolen. Paradoxically, the risk of theft is higher for a conventional bicycle (which is generally also less expensive) than for an electric/more expensive bicycle. This is why the ratio of the value of the bicycle is also slightly higher.

    What documents does the cyclist receive at the start of the contract?

    The cyclist will receive a manual for the bicycle on delivery. A service card is sent to the work address.

    What tasks does Alphabet take care of before the bicycle can be used in traffic?

    For Speed Pedelecs:

    • Pre-registration of the speed pedelec
    • Registration with customs if the bicycle was imported
    • Registration with the DIV to obtain a number plate
    • Registration with the third-party liability insurance company

    For all bicycles (including speed pedelecs): 

    • Registration for the waiver of recourse settlement
    • Registration for legal assistance
    • Registration for Alphabet Assistance
    Is a driving licence required for speed pedelecs?

    Yes, driving licence AM (moped) or B (car).

    What is the process if an employee already has an ART2 approved lock (or higher) and does not wish to include it again in the lease contract (e.g. submission of proof?). Is there a condition for the insurance?

    With regard to the ART2 lock, you can envisage that one of the documents to be signed (e.g. addendum, salary exchange agreement and/or bicycle policy) clearly states that the employee undertakes to use an ART2 lock. If that lock is not present as standard and was not included in the lease contract, proof of purchase will be requested in the event of theft. Only proof of purchase indicating the key numbers is valid.

    What is the minimum/maximum duration of a lease contract?

    Minimum 24 months and maximum 60 months. 

    Is it possible to organise maintenance at the company (if they have their own fleet)?

    This can be agreed with the bicycle dealer who will supply the bicycles. Many offer these services, but not all of them.

    Is there a special insurance document that must be signed by the cyclist at the start of the contract?

    No, but it is advisable to include the terms and conditions in a bicycle policy. The cyclist receives a service card with information about damage, maintenance and repair.

    Is there a minimum required distance from the place of residence for breakdown assistance?

    With regard to the distance for towing, the following was negotiated with our partner: The following are regarded as incidents: all defects in mechanical, electrical or electronic parts of the covered vehicle that lead to the vehicle being faulty, either at home or on public roads or as a result of which the vehicle can no longer drive under safe conditions, regardless of the distance to the place of residence. There is also cover for: road accidents, incidents due to tyre problems, vehicle immobilisation, vandalism.

    What insurance do cyclists need to have to drive a leased bicycle?

    We advise you to take out family insurance for bicycles and electric bicycles as a minimum. For speed pedelecs, third-party liability insurance is included in the contract.

    What steps must be taken at the end of the contract?

    Alphabet will inform the employee (in consultation with the company) six months before his/her contract expires so that the employee has the opportunity to look for a new bicycle. If the employee does not wish to take over the bicycle, it must be returned to the bicycle shop of purchase or to a bicycle shop connected to the B2Bicycle network.

    Can bicycle-specific options (such as bicycle GPS, bicycle seat, bicycle trailer, bicycle carrier on the car, etc.) be made personal?

    Child seats can be regarded as personal items, as can the helmet and bicycle suit. The employee can thus keep the seats free of charge at the end of the contract. The other accessories (bicycle GPS, bicycle trailer, bicycle carrier, etc.) are bicycle-specific or vehicle-specific and must be returned at the end of the contract. As regards the bicycle rack, this can be added to the lease contract if your company agrees.

    What sanctions are provided for in the event of non-payment by the employee when the bicycle is taken over?

    Because Alphabet has no legal relationship with the employee, any costs will be charged to the company. We recommend that you include something in the bicycle policy that you retain the right to recover any costs from the employee at any time.

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