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AlphaFlex: The mobility budget by Alphabet

With AlphaFlex, Alphabet ensures that you can offer various different means of transport to your employees, within a budget that you determine yourself. As an employer, you can let your employees choose between a company car, bicycle and/or mobility card. This gives every employee the chance to meet his or her corporate mobility needs in the best possible way.

Plenty of benefits for you and your employees

  • Hassle free: AlphaFlex allows you, the employer, to set a single mobility policy for all your employees. Alphabet handles every aspect of the administration, meaning that your lease company is the sole point of contact.
  • Sustainable: when your employees travel alternatively by bike, public transport or car they choose a more sustainable means of travel. Your company’s image gets a boost as a result of this green mobility policy.
  • Efficient: your employees benefit from a mobility solution that’s made to measure. They are free to choose the mode of transport that best suits their type of travel. And greater freedom of choice creates a more attractive working environment.
  • Simple: when using the available online tools, the mobility budget is easy to compose and control.

How does it work?

Your employees visit Fleet Agent, Alphabet’s online platform, where they can choose from the range of mobility options which you, as employer, provide. The mobility budget is made up of a lease allowance and a mobility allowance. The lease allowance is used for things like a lease car, lease bicycle and Flexmobility Car, and the mobility allowance covers other forms of transport through the Alphabet Mobility Card.

Mobility card

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