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AlphaCity, the Corporate CarSharing program by Alphabet, enables your staff to book a car at any time. You determine by whom, when and subject to which terms the cars can be booked, for business and private purposes alike.

How does it work?

  • Employees sign up and get a personal AlphaCity card.
  • They simply book the car of their choice themselves and immediately get the run of the car.
  • Costs for professional use are automatically assigned to the right department, whereas private use is paid for with the user's personal credit card.
  • The chip on the card gives keyless access to the car.
  • The innovative technology on board the vehicle ensures reliable customer service and quality checks. And the cars do not require any looking after - AlphaCity sees to it that your cars are clean and available to be used at all times


Your benefits?

  • No key registration - Special passes give access to all cars
  • Maintain a bird's eye perspective at all times - The booking system is entirely geared to your wishes
  • No more paperwork - All processes are fully automated
  • Reduced outlays for you and a major benefit for your staff
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