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Alphabet Mobility Card: all services on one single mobility card

Have you had enough of collecting dozens of receipts from providers X and Y for all your employees every month? Wouldn’t you prefer to be able to pay for a range of services with a single mobility card? If so, it’s time you tried the Alphabet Mobility Card and the accompanying app provided by our partner firm, XXImo.

The Alphabet Mobility Card is the ideal tool to combine into one system all your staff’s expenses alongside those of their company car. Thanks to this mobility card, collecting receipts for the various transport-related costs has become a thing of the past. Instead, each month you receive an invoice with an overview of all travel costs, conveniently arranged according to the VAT rate. You pay Alphabet, and in turn Alphabet settles everything with the various mobility providers. Easy, right? For employees as well this mobility card is a lot easier than having to combine various transport passes and tickets.

How does the Alphabet Mobility Card work?

The Alphabet Mobility Card is very simple to use:

  • The card is linked to the Milo app developed by XXImo, Alphabet’s partner firm. This app works on iPhones and smartphones running on Android.
  • With the Milo app, you can plan all your journeys perfectly and pay for them as well. Everything is taken care of in just a few steps.
  • You can pay virtually anywhere with the Alphabet Mobility Card. Payments are processed via the VISA network, which means that the mobility card is accepted as a means of payment in numerous places across Europe. It is a very practical solution for employees who are often on the road or who travel within Europe.

Specific example

Let’s look at an example. Say you want to take the bus to go from the office to a customer nearby. This can be done very easily with the Alphabet Mobility Card and the accompanying Milo app. You open the app and in the start screen see all the services you can use. Under public transport, click the De Lijn icon. You enter a code that allows you to pay (this is set when the app is installed, such as with a banking app). Choose the ticket you want to buy and click OK. It’s that simple. The employer then receives an invoice with all the expenditures at the end of the month.

Part of a mobility budget

The mobility card can also be worthwhile for employees who have a mobility budget, on condition, of course, that the company offers the mobility budget and the mobility card to staff. Under this system, the employee exchanges the equivalent of the annual cost of his or her company car for a specific budget. This can be spent on an environmentally-friendly car, but also on sustainable means of transport. The so-called second pillar of the mobility budget also includes services such as the mobility card.

What services can be accessed through the Alphabet Mobility Card?

The employer determines which services can be offered through the Alphabet Mobility Card. It is therefore perfectly possible to align the use of this mobility card with the company’s policy, for example by only making ‘green’ mobility services available. The possibilities offered by the mobility card are extensive:

1. Public transport

With the Alphabet Mobility Card you can purchase train tickets from the NMBS/SNCB directly via the Milo app. You can also mention a cost item or customer so that the purpose of the trip is clear for administrative purposes. You can also purchase M-tickets (digital tickets) from De Lijn using the Milo app. De Lijn passes can be activated and paid for with the mobility card via When using the metro, tram or bus in Brussels, the Alphabet Mobility Card can be used at Bootik and Kiosk counters, as well as at GO payment terminals. You can also link your MOBIB card to your Alphabet Mobility Card.

2. Parking

Thanks to its use of the VISA network, the Alphabet Mobility Card is accepted as a means of payment in many car parks (Q-park, Interparking, Vinci, etc.). This is not only the case in Belgium, but also abroad, meaning your mobility card is also a parking card throughout Europe. You can also use the Milo app for ‘mobile parking’ on the street. With the Milo app you can quickly search for the nearest parking option.

3. Toll payments

You can also pay for toll tunnels, bridges and roads across Europe with your mobility card. The principle is simple: if you can pay with VISA, then you can also pay with the Alphabet Mobility Card.

4. Shared bicycles

Sometimes it is convenient to take a short ride or travel the last part of a journey using a shared bicycle. In this case you can rent a bicycle from Villo! (Brussels), Velo Antwerpen (Antwerp) and Billy Bike (Brussels).

5. Refuelling

The Alphabet Mobility Card can be used as a fuel card. It is accepted at 2,950 petrol stations in Belgium and 28,350 petrol stations in Europe where you can also pay with VISA. As a fleet manager, you can determine per cardholder the price category of the petrol stations where it is possible to refuel. The Milo app helps in finding the petrol stations in question.

6. Taxi

The Alphabet Mobility Card also serves as a taxi card in Belgium and Europe. In Belgium, you can book taxi rides with Taxis Verts (Brussels), Antwerp-Tax (Antwerp), Vtax (Ghent) and Unitax (Liège). You can also use the international apps from Uber and eCab.

7. Car wash

You can use the Alphabet Mobility Card at all car wash locations that accept VISA. Check the Milo app for an overview of all the car wash locations in a given area.

FAQ: how to use the Alphabet Mobility Card

Where can I view my transactions?

You can find the balance on your Alphabet Mobility Card by logging in to the secure ‘My XXImo’ page. There you will find all the transactions you carried out with the mobility card in a handy overview.

How can I modify my mobility services?

Only your fleet manager can have the various services on your mobility card modified. After all, it is the employer who chooses the offer based on its mobility policy. As a fleet manager you can contact for any modifications.

How is the balance on my Alphabet Mobility Card topped up?

Once a month, the balance on your mobility card is topped up to the budget agreed with your employer. The first time you will receive the full budget. After that, your budget will be topped up every month to the monthly limit indicated. Your monthly limit is always available on the first day of the month.

How can I consult the balance on my card?

You can always consult your available balance via the Milo app or the website (mobile or traditional) of XXImo, Alphabet’s partner firm.

What happens after I have entered an incorrect PIN three times?

Your Alphabet Mobility Card will be automatically blocked if you enter an incorrect PIN three times. Contact Alphabet at so that a new card can be requested. You will have to choose a new PIN.

What must I do if my Alphabet Mobility Card is damaged and no longer works?

You must request a new Alphabet Mobility Card. For this you need to contact Alphabet at so that a new mobility card can be provided to you as soon as possible.

What must I do if my Alphabet Mobility Card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen you must immediately report this to the XXImo service desk on 0032 78 353 452. This service is available 24/7. Your Alphabet Mobility Card will be blocked immediately. You must also report this to Alphabet afterwards at (after you have reported it to the police, if applicable). Alphabet will take the necessary steps to arrange for a new mobility card for you.

FAQ: how to use the Milo app and the (mobile or traditional) website

How can I download the Milo app?

Alphabet Mobility Card’s partner, XXImo, has developed a free application for iPhones (iOS) and Android smartphones: the Milo app.

Download for iOS (iPhone) >

Download for Android >

What can I do with the Milo app?

As an Alphabet Mobility Card user you can do the following anywhere and anytime with the Milo application:

  • Consult your balance and transactions
  • Plan a journey (by car or by public transport)
  • Pay for mobility services
  • Find a petrol station, car park or car wash nearby
Why can’t I log in to the mobile website

Your smartphone’s web browser must accept cookies to be able to use the mobile website. You can adapt your browser settings yourself to make this possible.

What must I do if I have forgotten the PIN for my Alphabet Mobility Card?

You can request your PIN via the Milo app. In the app go to settings and click request PIN.

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