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The purchase of a car is a large investment and the management of that car also often goes hand in hand with unexpected costs. Why would you buy a car when you can now also lease one easily as a private individual?

Operational leasing = worry-free mobility

You can compare a car in operational leasing with a rental car for a longer period, all for an attractive price. You pay a fixed monthly lease rate, in which among other things maintenance, all-risk insurance, roadside assistance, repairs, summer tyres, replacement car and taxes are included. This means you do not need to worry about unexpected costs and you will not be faced with any unpleasant surprises. The only extra costs you will have are fuel, winter tyres and any traffic fines you incur.

Is a lease car an attractive option for me? How does My Personal Lease work exactly? What are the advantages and what things do I need to take into account? You can find an answer to these and other questions here.

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