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Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to know even more about My Personal Lease? Then be sure to read or FAQ below. Still not an answer on all your questions? Contact us by email at or by phone on 03/459 58 70.

Would you like to know more about My Personal Lease?


1. Who is Alphabet?
Alphabet offers operational leasing of vehicles of all makes in 19 different countries to over 55,000 customers. Managing a portfolio of 650,000 vehicles, Alphabet is one of the top four players in the European fleet market, good for a place in the top five in no fewer than 10 countries. Alphabet was founded in 1997 as a division of the BMW Group and has since acquired extensive knowledge in the field of international fleet management and leasing.

2. Contact
Alphabet Belgium Long Term Rental NV
My Personal Lease Team
Ingberthoeveweg 6, 2630 Aartselaar
Tel.: 03 459 58 70


FSMA 62052A

3. What is My Personal Lease?
You can compare My Personal Lease with a rental car for a longer period for an attractive price. It means that you as a private individual can drive a new car for a fixed monthly fee without the car actually belonging to you. You pay a fixed monthly lease rate, in which among other things maintenance, all-risk insurance, roadside assistance, damage, tyres, replacement car and taxes are included. This means you do not need to worry about unexpected costs and you will not be faced with any unpleasant surprises.

4. Should I buy or lease a car? What are the advantages of My Personal Lease?
For private individuals, it is becoming increasingly attractive to lease a car. But when exactly is leasing more attractive than buying?

  • You have a fixed income and you want to drive a new car. You do not need to dip into your savings and you don’t have to spend a large amount of money all in one go.
  • You would like certainty regarding your monthly car costs and you do not want to be faced with unexpected repair or maintenance costs.
  • You like to keep things simple and you want to have everything taken care of under one roof. Services like maintenance, repairs and insurance are all included in the private lease contract.
  • After the end of the lease period, you can just return the car to Alphabet. So you do not need to worry about the market value of the car or selling it.
  • When your lease contract is about to reach its end, you are invited to take out a new lease contract and to select and order a car.

When are you nevertheless better off buying your own car?

  • You have a variable income and you are not sure you will be able to pay the lease rate every month.
  • You have no certainty about where you will be living/working a year from now.

5. Is everyone eligible for My Personal Lease?
No, only if your employer offers My Personal Lease to the employees. Furthermore you have to be at least 22 years of age and you must have held a driving licence for at least 3 years. Only after a screening based on income and your accident history will you be informed by Alphabet of whether or not you are eligible.

6. Can I take out a My Personal Lease agreement without a direct debit at the bank?
Yes, you can. However, if you opt for payment by direct debit, you can send back the completed and signed CORE mandate (for the direct debit) provided by Alphabet, together with the My Personal Lease agreement. Both documents must be signed by the applicant (the applicant is the contractor and also the driver of the ordered car). Furthermore you will benefit from an extra discount on the monthly lease rate if you opt for direct debit.

7. Can a foreigner who resides in Belgium take out a My Personal Lease contract?
Yes, you can provided your official residence is in Belgium.

8. Can I trade in my current car?
No, this is not possible.

9. Who is the owner of the lease car?
The car is and remains the property of Alphabet. You are the user.

10. Where can I change my data?
You can change your data by sending an email to

11. How can I request a resident’s parking permit?
By default you will find a resident’s parking permit among the vehicle documents. In case of a change of address, you can request a new resident’s parking permit by sending an email to

Request and acceptance

1. What requirements do I have to meet if I want to lease a car?
To be eligible for a My Personal Lease contract, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The questionnaire with the order form must be filled in completely and in good faith
  • You must have a valid driving licence
  • You must have a minimum of three years of driving experience

2. Is there a minimum or maximum age limit for My Personal Lease?
The minimum age is 22 years. The maximum age that is used is 75 years.

3. What documents do I have to submit to be eligible for a My Personal Lease contract?
So that we can process your acceptance quickly, we ask you to provide us with the following documents:

  • Copy of identity card of the applicant, her/his partner* and main driver
  • Copy of the main driver’s licence
  • Copy of the last two pay slips of the applicant and his/her partner*
  • A bank statement showing the most recent salary payment to the applicant and his/her partner*
  • A bank statement showing the most recent payment of living expenses (rent or mortgage)
  • Copy of the applicant’s tax assessment (personal income tax) for the most recent assessment year
  • If you have any additional sources of monthly income please enclose evidence of these
  • History of claims by the main driver (to be requested from the insurance company and covering at least the last 3 years)

* Applicable if you are married or legally cohabitating (compulsory) or if your partner wishes to sign the contract.

4. I don’t have a fixed contract. Can I nevertheless order a My Personal Lease car?
Temporary contracts are also eligible. The possibility of ordering a My Personal Lease car depends however on financial approval.

5. Can I order multiple cars in my name?
No, you can only order one car in your name.

6. Why am I screened financially?
We find it important for the agreement between you and Alphabet to be responsible for both parties. To this end we carry out a financial screening, with the aim of limiting the risks of default of payment.

7. Do I have to pay a guarantee?
Usually, no guarantee needs to be paid. On the basis of the financial screening, a guarantee amount of € 1500 can however be requested. If this is the case, you are informed about it and given the necessary instructions in advance.

8. When do I get my guarantee back?
The guarantee you transferred to us will be transferred back to you after the end of the contract, after settlement of the amounts you still owe.

9. Can I make a deposit payment?
No, this is unfortunately not possible.

10. How long does the financial approval take?
Once we have received all the correct documents, it takes an average of 5 working days to approve an application.

11. Does my partner have to co-sign?
If you are married or legally cohabiting, we ask your partner to co-sign. In other cases too it can happen that the partner is asked to co-sign to increase the financial capacity.

Ordering and delivery

1. What cars can I lease?
You will find the selection of the cars and their budgets on the website.

2. How do I choose my lease car?
First you choose a model and engine type on the basis of your budget and preference. Please also take the number of kilometres you expect to drive annually into account during your selection. Finally, you select an interior and exterior colour and the official dealership where you want to order the car. Please note that orders can only be placed with official dealerships.

3. Are all cars always new?
The car you select and order will always be ordered as a new car and delivered by the dealership you chose.

4. What are the options and/or accessories with which the offered cars are equipped?
You will find a list with fixed options and accessories per model on the website. Go to the page 'offer' and click at each model on 'Request an offer' for the options.

5. Can I add other options and/or accessories?
No, you cannot add other options and/or accessories.

6. Can I opt for All Season tyres?
No, the cars are always delivered on summer tyres. Alphabet provides for replacement of summer tyres after normal wear and tear.

7. How do I determine my kilometres driven?
You are best off choosing a number of kilometres to be driven annually that corresponds with your real expectations. Additional or fewer kilometres driven will be settled at the end of the contract. You can find these rates on our website. Go to the page 'offer' and click at each model on 'Request an offer' for the options.

As a general rule of thumb, you can use the following conversions:

  • 10,000 km/year = 200 km/week = 40 km/day
  • 15,000 km/year = 300 km/week = 60 km/day
  • 20,000 km/year = 400 km/week = 80 km/day

8. Am I free to choose the interior and exterior colour myself?
For each available model, you can choose from a pre-defined list of interior and exterior colours.

9. Am I free to choose which dealer delivers the car myself?
Yes, but you do have to choose an accredited dealership.

10. Is the car definitively ordered after the online order?
No, we first have to receive all the requested formalities. Then, a financial screening has to take place. Our insurer also requires that a screening is carried out with regard to insurance. After approval you will receive a contract with a summary of the car you have chosen, the definitive lease rate and the contract terms and conditions. Only after receipt of the contract signed by you and the end of the 14-day cooling-off period is the car definitively ordered at the dealer you chose.

11. When is my car delivered?
You will be informed by email of the expected delivery date. However this date is only given by way of indication and is therefore not binding. Any changes will be communicated to you by email.

12. Where is the car delivered?
The car is delivered to the dealer of your choice.

13. Can my car also be delivered to a location of my own choosing?
No, the car must be picked up from the dealer of your choice.

14. When am I notified that the car is ready/registered?
On the day on which your car is registered (i.e. on which the number plate is requested), you will receive an email inviting you to make a delivery appointment with the dealer.

15. How long does it take for the number plates to get to the garage?
Once you have received the delivery email you must allow about three working days. Number plates and vehicle documents will be delivered to the garage by Bpost.

16. With whom do I need to arrange an appointment to pick up my car? With Alphabet or with the garage?
You must contact the sales representative or “new car delivery service” of the garage. You will be informed of these contact details by email.

17. What if I cannot pick up my car within the period of 6 working days set by Alphabet?
If you cannot pick up the car within 6 working days, you must send an email to to inform us of the fact. We will then take this into account. You must pick up your car as soon as you can, however.

The lease contract

1. What is included in the monthly amount?
In the monthly amount, most costs to do with running a car are included:

  • Depreciation and rental
  • Insurance: third-party liability insurance, a claims management fee (non-recoverable material damage), judicial assistance and driver insurance.
  • Taxes: the one-off initial registration fee (BIV) and the motor vehicle tax
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Summer tyres (unlimited with normal wear and tear)
  • Replacement car: in the case of repairs lasting longer than 24 hours
  • Roadside assistance: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cooperation between Alphabet and VAB is valid for all European countries and a large number of the countries around the Mediterranean. The roadside assistance includes towing service and repatriation in Belgium and abroad, and if necessary the provision of a replacement car.
  • VAT

Fuel, winter tyres and any fines are not included.

2. How many kilometres are included in the monthly amount?
Depending on the contract selected, 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 km per year are included. We only look at the annual number of kilometres driven, with the result that you have the necessary flexibility to offset months in which you drive a large number of kilometres against ones in which you drive fewer kilometres. You can always drive more kilometres than contracted by paying a supplement of a few euro cents per kilometre. Also, if you have not driven all the contracted kilometres, a settlement will be paid to you for them at the end of the contract.

3. What is not included in the lease contract?
Fuel, winter tyres and any traffic and parking fines are not included.

4. Can I still add anything to the contract after the car has been delivered?
No, this is not possible.

5. May I add accessories to the car at my own expense?
No, you may not add accessories.

6. Can I adjust the number of kilometres in my contract?
No, intermediate adjustments to the number of kilometres are not allowed.

7. Can I cancel my contract part-way through?
Yes, you can cancel your contract part-way through, but if you do you will have to pay an early termination fee. This fee is equal to half of the rental for the remaining contract period. The remaining contract period is the number of months as counted from the moment of early termination until the end date of the contract.

8. How long can I drive with the car?
You conclude the lease contract for 48 months.

9. Can I shorten the legal cooling-off period by confirming to Alphabet in writing that I wish to do so?
No, this is not possible. The legislation on protection of the consumer is mandatory. This means that it may not be derogated from.

10. Do I get a fuel card? Who pays for the fuel?
No, a fuel card is not included. You pay for the cost of fuel yourself.

11. Is a full tank of fuel included in the monthly amount?
No, the cost of fuel is not included.

Using the lease car

1. Who is permitted to drive the lease car?
You can have the car driven by people who have a valid driving licence but you yourself remain responsible for the car. It is forbidden to offer and/or rent the car to others for payment.

2. May someone with a provisional driving licence drive the car?
No, this is not allowed.

3. Can I also use my lease car to go on holiday abroad?
Yes, you can use your lease car to go on holiday abroad. On the insurance document (green card) you will find a list of which countries are covered. If you wish to travel with your lease car to a country outside the Schengen zone, you must first request a certificate (insurance declaration for travel abroad) from Alphabet. During your stay in these countries, you must at all times be able to produce this certificate for the authorities. If you are not able to do so, you run the risk of the car being impounded.
Contact our Insurance department for a certificate at, mentioning the period in which you will be travelling and the countries through/to which you will be travelling. The certificate is valid for a maximum of six months. It is not possible to draw up a certificate for the entire duration of the lease contract.

4. Where is my car serviced?
You choose which official dealership/garage may carry out the maintenance.

5. When do I have to take my car in for a service?
This depends on the chosen car. In this respect, please contact your dealer or consult the car’s handbook. Of course you can always contact the Alphabet Service Team at

6. Who can I contact for tyre repairs and/or replacements?
Tyre repairs and/or replacements may not be carried out at the dealership/garage. For tyre repairs and/or replacements, you must contact the Alphabet Service Line by phone on +32 78 05 00 48 to make an appointment at the tyre centre.

7. Can I have the car equipped with winter tyres?
Winter tyres are not included in the lease contract. You are however allowed to have the car equipped with winter tyres at your own expense. Please note that at the end of the contract you must return the car in its original condition, i.e. with summer tyres.

8. May I or passengers smoke in the lease car?
We’d prefer it if you didn’t, but we can’t forbid you from doing so. Please note however that this can result in extra cleaning costs at the end of the contract. These costs will be passed on to you. So please ensure at all times that your car stays clean and tidy and is not returned to us with any bad odours.

9. May I transport pets with the car?
Yes, you may. Please note however that this can result in extra cleaning costs at the end of the contract. These costs will be passed on to you. So please ensure at all times that your car stays clean and tidy and is not returned to us with any damage or bad odours.

10. What happens if I get a fine?
Fines will be sent to your home address. Fines are not included in the lease contract; you therefore have to pay them yourself. If Alphabet receives a payment reminder, the reminder fee will be charged on to you. If Alphabet receives an order to pay, it will pay the fine and the costs and the total amount will be charged on to you in full.

Financial and invoicing

1. How is my monthly payment charged?
The monthly lease rate is invoiced in advance each time. You can pay these invoices in two different ways:

  • Via bank transfer on to Alphabet’s bank account before the last date of payment indicated on the invoice.
  • By direct debit: Alphabet will deduct the monthly amount from your account via direct debit. The date of transfer will be indicated on the invoice (after the due date).

Example: Op 12 January you receive an invoice with a due date of 1 February. This invoice is drawn up for the period of February and will be presented to the bank for direct debit on 1 February. If 1 February is a public holiday or falls on the weekend, the invoice will be presented the next working day.

2. When will I receive my first and subsequent invoices?
The invoicing of the rental payments starts as soon as you have taken delivery of the car at the garage where the vehicle was delivered. To this end, this dealer sends the proof of delivery signed by you to Alphabet. On the basis of this, Alphabet will start up the lease period and the invoicing.

There are two possible types of invoice:

  • The monthly rental invoices are drawn up around the 12th of the month, depending on the number of days in that month, with a due date on the 1st working day of the subsequent month.
  • Exceptionally, an extra cost will be invoiced (e.g. own risk in case of damage, reminders in case of late payment of parking fines, etc.). These invoices are drawn up weekly and have a payment term of 20 days.

3. Why can my first invoice derogate from the monthly lease price as indicated in the contract?
Usually, a car is not delivered exactly on the 1st day of the month, but on a day at some point during the month. Alphabet then always charges the remaining period of the month in which the car was delivered and the subsequent month.


  • The car is delivered on 20 January: The first monthly invoice will be drawn up after delivery and will cover the period from 20 January through 28 February, as a result of which the amount to be paid will that one time be higher than subsequent monthly invoices.
  • If the car is delivered on 5 January (before the invoicing of the rental payments for the subsequent month has been carried out), the 1st invoice after delivery will be drawn up for the period from 5 January through 31 January. Around 12 January, the rental for the month of February will be drawn up.

4. How can I request a copy of an invoice?
You can request a copy of an invoice by sending an email to

5. Does the arrangement count as a benefit in kind?
No, since you are paying all the costs of the lease contract privately, it is not a question of a benefit in kind.

6. In which language will my invoice be drawn up?
The invoice will be drawn up in French or in Dutch, according to the language code of the applicant (unless otherwise requested by the applicant).

7. Are the invoices sent by regular mail or electronically?
Both sending methods are possible. If you opt for electronic invoicing, you will benefit from a discount on the monthly lease rate. The invoices are then sent by email in PDF format.

8. How must I notify you of a change of invoicing address?
You can notify us of a change of address electronically via or by regular mail for the attention of the My Personal Lease-team.

Damage, insurance and breakdown

1. Is the car also insured abroad?
For the lease cars, Alphabet takes out third-party liability insurance that is valid for the following countries: Andorra, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, FYR Macedonia, Finland, France, Greece, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Ukraine, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Turkey (European part) and Switzerland.

The legal assistance and driver insurance, just like the all-risk coverage (= recovery waiver) and the Alphabet Assistance breakdown assistance service use the same list.

2. What insurance is included?
Alphabet takes out Third-Party Liability insurance for the benefit of its driver, as well as driver and legal assistance insurance. An all-risk coverage (= recovery waiver) is also provided for non-recoverable damage. In addition, the Alphabet Assistance breakdown assistance service is also provided in the lease contract.

3. What do I need to do in case of damage?
Please be sure to take account of the following points in order to guarantee efficient processing of the damage:

  • Send an accident declaration form, completed on both sides and signed, to Alphabet within 24 hours. If you wish, you can also send the declaration to our claims service online via the online declaration tool of Alphabet.
  • Always indicate the number plate of the car in the correspondence with Alphabet.
  • After receiving the accident declaration form, the appointed repairer will contact you to have the damage repaired as quickly as possible. You will receive a confirmation from our claims service by regular mail that the claim file has been opened, with all the necessary information. In this way, if you wish, you can contact your claims manager or the repairer.
  • In case of damage that involves a third party, you must also send the original European Accident Statement or a copy of your interview by the police to Alphabet as quickly as possible.

4. What do I need to do in case of theft?
After discovery of the theft you must lodge a theft report with the competent authorities within 24 hours. A copy of the lodged theft report must then be sent immediately to Alphabet Belgium, together with all keys and/or remote locking/unlocking devices of the vehicle. These keys and/or remote locking/unlocking devices, together with an indication of the number plate of the stolen vehicle, must be sent by registered mail to:

Attn.: Insurance Department
Ingberthoeveweg 6

If the vehicle is stolen abroad, you must also immediately report the theft to the Belgian police services upon your return to Belgium. 
If the car is not found after a period of 30 calendar days has elapsed as from the date of the theft, or is not available in Belgium, it is regarded as permanently lost and the lease contract is terminated on the date of the theft + 30 calendar days.

You will however have the use of an Alphabet replacement car during the waiting period of 30 days. Furthermore, you can continue to use this replacement car for a maximum of one month after termination of the lease contract at the same rate as initially agreed for the lease car.

5. What do I need to do in case of breakdown?
In case of a breakdown or accident as a result of which the car is rendered inoperative, you must contact Alphabet Assistance. Alphabet Assistance will send an employee to the breakdown or accident location who will fix the fault or have the car towed if it turns out to be impossible to fix the fault at the breakdown or accident location. The number of Alphabet Assistance is 078/15 05 35 and you will also find it in the vehicle’s document folder.

6. Where can I report damage?
Damage can be reported at any time via the online declaration tool of Alphabet.

7. What am I not allowed to use the car for?
You must treat the Alphabet car with due diligence and care. Among other things this means that the car cannot be used:

  • when the driver is intoxicated by alcohol or another product such as drugs or medicines;
  • to give driving lessons;
  • for (or to practise) a trial, race, regularity rally or agility competition;
  • if the driver does not meet the legal conditions for driving the car (e.g. no driving licence);
  • for competitions or challenges;
  • for the transport of hazardous or explosive substances;
  • for rental or loan (even free of charge) to third parties.

8. Where do I find the insurance terms and conditions?
The insurance terms and conditions are sent to you together with the contract.

9. Why do I have to provide details about my claims history? What are the consequences?

For the insurance of the lease car, as well as for other components of the lease contract, Alphabet wants at all times to be able to offer a keen price that is in line with the market, and therefore also makes agreements with its partner insurers.

To do so, Alphabet uses strict monitoring of the risk - as a result of which certain details from your claims history are necessary. If it turns out at a later stage that incorrect information was supplied by the driver, the insurer reserves the right to terminate the insurance cover on the lease vehicle. In this case, the lease contract also comes to an end automatically.

10. Are the premium and the personal contribution in case of damage fixed?

As mentioned above, Alphabet takes out for the benefit of its driver Third-Party Liability  insurance at keen conditions in line with the market. To arrive at appropriate pricing,  the insurer reserves the right, as from a 2nd accident at the driver’s fault within a period  of 3 calendar years, or after an accident at the driver’s fault with aggravating circumstances  (for example drunkenness or a similar condition or a hit-and-run accident), to increase the premium, instate an excess or terminate the third-party liability insurance. If the insurer makes this decision, Alphabet will amend the lease contract to charge the lessee for this additional  cost. 

Alphabet reserves the right, as from a third (3rd) accident with unrecoverable damage in a period of three calendar years, to increase the payment for the waiver of recourse, as contractually determined. 

11. How much is the own risk?
If the damage turns out not to be recoverable from a third party, an own risk always applies. It amounts to 2.5% of the insured value of your vehicle. The exact amount of this own risk can be found on your contract documents.

Some exceptions to the above are glass breakage (windows and panoramic roof), which is repaired by a repairer recognised for this purpose by Alphabet, damage incurred by a collision with a wild animal for which an official police report was drawn up, damage incurred as a result of (exceptional) weather conditions and pursuant to theft of the vehicle.

12. Do I pay a personal contribution in case of glass damage?
If the repair or replacement is carried out by a company recognised for this purpose by Alphabet Belgium, no personal contribution applies to these works.

13. Where do I have my car repaired following damage?
Damage to the bodywork must always be carried out by a company recognised for this purpose by Alphabet. You can find the most recent list of recognised repairers on our website.

For window damage, you must always contact a company recognised for this purpose by Alphabet. Indeed, in that case, no personal contribution applies. Currently the recognised repairers are Autoglass Clinic (078/05 00 48) and Carglass (0800/136 36).

In some exceptional cases, Alphabet will also grant its agreement for a repair carried out by a dealer of your choice that is recognised by the make of the car. In this case, this official dealer must however always request an agreement from Alphabet before starting work.

14. Do I have the right to a replacement car and how is this organised?
A replacement car is indeed included in the lease contract, namely for repairs that take longer than 24 hours.

If your car is towed to a repairer by Alphabet Assistance, you can get a replacement car straight away. It is however possible that it will have to be exchanged, after a maximum of 5 days, for a different vehicle (from Alphabet’s fleet).

If the case in question is a damage file (for which the car was not towed), the request for this replacement car will be sent automatically so that this car will be present at the repairer recognised by Alphabet at the moment the lease car is taken there for repair. You can drive this car until your own car has been repaired, after which you bring it back to the same repairer - with a full tank of fuel.

If your car is declared a total loss, you will have the free replacement car until the lease contract is concluded. Furthermore, you can rent a replacement vehicle equivalent to your lease car for a maximum of one month after termination of the lease contract at the same rate as your lease rate.

If the lease car is stolen, you will have a free replacement car during the whole waiting time that has been determined. If the car is not found in time, or available again in Belgium, the lease contract is terminated - as is the replacement car. However, you have the possibility of renting a replacement car equivalent to your lease car for a maximum of 1 month after termination of the lease contract at the same rate as your lease rate.

If you take your lease car to a dealer for a repair or a technical defect which will take longer than 24 hours, and wish to have a replacement car, you can request one by email from our Service department at the email address You must also inform us at the same email address that you no longer wish to have the replacement car once it is available again. Don’t forget to state in your email the number plate of the lease car (and if applicable that of the replacement car), the date and time of your appointment, the address details of the dealer and last but not least the reason for your request.

15. Do I have the right to roadside assistance?
In all lease contracts, Alphabet provides roadside assistance, under the name of Alphabet Assistance. If the car is rendered inoperative as a result of a breakdown or accident, you must contact the Alphabet Assistance service. Alphabet Assistance will send an employee to the breakdown or accident location who will fix the fault or have the car towed if it turns out to be impossible to fix the fault at the breakdown or accident location. The number of Alphabet Assistance is 078/15 05 35 and you will also find it in the vehicle’s document folder.

Ending or cancelling the contract part-way through

1. Is it possible to end a contract early?
Yes, this is possible, upon payment of an “early termination cost”. The early termination must be requested in writing 2 months in advance.

2. Are costs charged if I wish to end the contract early? 
If the vehicle is returned before the end date of the contract, a termination cost is charged. In addition, a settlement is made for the additional or fewer kilometres driven, any damage and to pay off the motor vehicle tax.

3. How is the termination cost calculated?
This depends on the remaining period of the contract. The remaining period is the number of months remaining between the date of return of the vehicle and the anticipated end date of the contract.

4. What is the maximum termination cost?
The maximum termination cost is half of the remaining monthly lease periods to be invoiced (e.g.: if the contract is terminated with a remaining period of 24 months, the termination cost equals 12 times the contractual lease rate).

5. When and how does the kilometre settlement take place?
At the same time as the end of the contract. The kilometre settlement, both additional or fewer kilometres driven, forms part of the final invoice.

6. How are additional/fewer kilometres calculated?
The actual kilometre reading, on the end day of the contract, is compared with the contractually determined kilometre reading on the same date. Kilometres driven in replacement cars are also taken into account.


  • Contract concluded for 48 months and 10,000 km annually with a rate of EUR 0,06 per additional or less km driven
  • Start of contract: 01/05/2017
  • Return of car and end date of contract: 30/04/2021
  • Contractually allowed km: 40.000 km (= 4 x 10,000 km)
  • Kilometre reading of car when returned: 51.320 km
  • Km driven with replacement car during the contract: 500 km
  • Settlement: (51.320 km + 500 km) - 40.000 km = 11.820 km too many driven x EUR 0,06/km (see contract) = EUR 709,20 incl. VAT extra to be paid.
The end of your lease contract

1. When does the vehicle reach “end of contract”?
When the contractual period is reached. The car must be returned on the last working day according to the contractual period.

2. Can I buy the car at the end of the period?
At the end of the contract the vehicle cannot be purchased and must be returned.

3. What has to be returned together with the vehicle?
All options and accessories mentioned in the contract. In addition, all original vehicle documents (registration document and certificate of conformity), keys and spare keys must be present.

4. What happens if the vehicle is returned and certain items are missing?
A cost will be charged for each missing vehicle document or key. If an option or an accessory is not returned, a depreciation is applied to the original purchase amount. The remaining amount will be charged to you.

5. What happens if I don’t return my car on time?
If the vehicle is not returned in time, the monthly lease rate will be increased by 75% per day that the vehicle is returned too late. The monthly compensation for damages resulting from late return of the vehicle has been set at EUR 250 (excl. VAT).

6. What happens at the end of the contract?
On the end date of the contract, the vehicle must be returned to the Alphabet Remarketing Compound. For a fee it may be possible for the vehicle to be picked up at your home address or another location. The condition of the vehicle is inspected in the presence of the driver. These findings serve as the basis for drawing up the final invoice.

7. What damage falls under the category of wear and tear and what doesn’t?
This is determined in the Renta standard. You can download it here. It contains a detailed description of everything that has to be taken into account upon return of the vehicle (original vehicle documents, keys, damage, etc.).

8. Does the vehicle have to go to the technical inspection before return?
Yes, if you have received a letter instructing you to take the vehicle to the technical inspection, even if this happens in the last month (or last few months), you must still do so. If the technical inspection is not carried out, this is at your own risk. The costs of this inspection are for Alphabet.

9. How does the settlement (indexing adjustment) of the motor vehicle tax take place?
The motor vehicle tax is indexed by the government every year, but the lease rate is not adjusted during the contract period. The settlement of the various indexing steps is included in the final invoice, drawn up after return of the vehicle.

10. Does Alphabet deliver a certificate of no claims?
By default Alphabet does not deliver a certificate of no claims at the end of the lease contract. However you can request one easily by sending an email to the address, stating the number plate of your lease car.

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