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How does the Mobility Consulting Tool work?


Step 1: Data collection


The first step is to install our GPS trackers into each of your chosen vehicles, these are really easily fitted, as they can just be plugged into the cigarette lighter. We use these GPS trackers to collect real data over the course of one month – including the common destinations for each car, the distance travelled per day and per trip, how often the car was used and how long it was parked for.


Step 2:Data upload and analysis


After one month, we take the GPS trackers out and upload the data. We then analyse this data to calculate the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for the month and generate a number of usage patterns. These usage patterns take into account the average number of kilometers travelled per day, the kilometers travelled per trip, the average speed and the amount of time that the vehicle was parked for.

Looking at the driving pattern of a specific vehicle shows how long the vehicle is parked for and where. With this information we establish a number of so-called ‘mobility spots’ which are places where CarSharing, electric vehicles or parking could be optimised.


Step 3: Analysis and optimisation


Once we’ve identified a number of mobility spots we will narrow these down to a number of specific Points of Interest. With the Mobility Consulting Tool we can then show you where your company could consider building or making the most of facilities to charge electric vehicles, implement CarSharing or save money on parking.

MCT Screenshot - Report
MCT Screenshot - Report
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