Privacy Statement

Who are we?

Alphabet Belgium Long Term Rental NV is located at Ingberthoeveweg 6, 2630 Aartselaar, Belgium. Alphabet Belgium constitutes part of BMW Group, where BMW AG is listed on the German Stock Exchange.

Objective of, conditions subject to which, and manner in which, personal data are processed

For the sake of clarity we point out that the internal and statutory privacy prescriptions relate only to natural persons, including the partners of non-legal persons, but do not apply to legal persons (companies) and those who act on behalf of such legal persons vis-à-vis Alphabet Belgium.

Alphabet Belgium gathers your personal data solely insofar as we need them to be able to provide optimum services and to fulfil our statutory obligations. Providing your personal data is important for the quality of our service provision but it is not mandatory.

We are provided with the personal data either by yourself or by a third party with whom we have concluded an agreement, such as your employer. Moreover, we have personal data that are generated through the use of our services. In this way we obtain data relating to the use of the vehicle and the fuel cards or mobility cards made available. The data that are obtained in this way are specified and include items such as the date, location, point in time, price and further details relating to the service that we or third persons provide.

Your personal data are used to conclude and execute lease agreements and to enter into any other closely-related agreements. Within this scope, the personal data that we process are also shared with affiliated companies and third parties. The main service providers to whom selected data can be provided are:

  • insurers;
  • car maintenance service suppliers;
  • suppliers of applications;
  • group companies within the scope of application management.

All the companies affiliated with us apply a privacy policy that is compatible with our policy. Your data are not distributed outside the European Union.

Your personal data are also provided to the police and the judicial authorities if they legally request us to do so. This only applies to those data falling within the scope of such request.

The most important purposes for which your personal data are used are the following:

  • Delivering the car or other means of transport and accepting them when they are returned.
  • Providing services relating to the use of the car or of another means of transport and giving information on such services. This includes matters such as changing tyres, maintenance, roadside assistance, insurance, settling claims for damages, fuel card or mobility budget.
  • Reporting to our customers on the use of the car or other means of transport and on our services.
  • Allocating a credit limit.
  • Identifying customers and verifying such identity.
  • Invoicing and collecting payments.

Furthermore, your personal data are used to prevent and combat fraudulent actions, but also for direct marketing purposes to expand our customer database.

At all times we only process personal data if it is essential to do so for a specific reason. We will therefore only process personal data which adequately serve a sufficiently specific pertinent purpose that is not inordinate, regardless as to whether it concerns, for example, executing an agreement or preventing fraud. When we process your personal data we observe the necessary prudence, whereby we adhere to the applicable internal and statutory privacy prescriptions.

We draw your attention to the fact that we can also process your personal data for the purposes of statistical and scientific objectives or to improve the quality of our products and services. This processing is done anonymously and cannot be traced back to any individual person.

Protection of personal data

Alphabet Belgium makes every effort to ensure that your privacy is protected and secured as well as possible when your personal data are processed. To make this possible, we apply appropriate administrative, technical and physical measures to protect your personal data against accidental, unauthorised or unlawful processing. The most important measures within this framework are:

  • monitoring physical access to our buildings;
  • identification and monitoring access in our applications;
  • educating and training our employees on matters relating to privacy;
  • concluding agreements with personal data processors.

Your personal data are stored in your personal file. The confidential nature of these data is protected by a user name and password. Your personal data will not be kept any longer than necessary to achieve the objectives for which they were obtained. Your personal data are removed as soon as the statutory or contractual periods for storing them have lapsed.


Alphabet Belgium uses cookies, which are often used on websites, to be able to recognise you when you visit our website. A cookie is a small text file that your browser saves on your computer’s hard drive. Our cookies do not contain any information that can be traced back to any individual person.

Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can generally adjust the settings on your browser to prevent this from happening. Some components of our website, such as personal information and customer data, require cookies to be activated. If you wish, you can adjust the settings on your browser to accept cookies if you use these components, and then once again refuse to accept them when you visit other websites.

Amendment of the Privacy Policy

This privacy statement can be adjusted from time to time without advance notice to conform to the applicable legislation or pursuant to an amendment to our business operations. You are requested to visit this page regularly to see whether there are any amendments.

Right to peruse and correct your data

Any person can request to be granted access to the personal data which Alphabet Belgium keeps on him or her. The data subject can request a copy of the information relating to him or her.

Everyone has a right to correct inaccurate data relating to them. Moreover, you can ask to put a stop to processing the personal data if you think that this:

  • relates to direct marketing;
  • is not founded on the legal processing requirements.

Such request for accessing, correcting and terminating processing must be made in writing via email to accompanied by proof of identity in which you indicate to which personal data, processing or objective of the processing the request relates. For the purpose of dealing with your application as efficiently as possible, we ask that you use the form included here (see appendix). Alphabet Belgium will deal with your request within a reasonable period, but this shall in any event not be longer than the period laid down by the law.