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This website  is maintained by Alphabet Belgium Long Term Rental nv. 
References to  “Alphabet”, “we", “us” and “our” is to Alphabet Belgium Long Term Rental nv, unless otherwise indicated. 

Alphabet Belgium Long Term Rental N.V.
Ingberthoeveweg 6, 2630 Aartselaar

Legal representatives: Erik Swerts, Federico Nordenstahl and Raoul van der Meeren
Commercial Registry: RPR/RPM Antwerpen,  FSMA 62052.
Value-added tax identification no.: BE 0438.973.597

Legal Disclaimer Alphabet

In accessing this website of Alphabet Belgium Long Term Rental NV and Alphabet Belgium NV (hereinafter referred to jointly as “Alphabet”) as well as the materials and data contained therein, you declare that you have read the terms and conditions below, understand them, agree to them and are bound by them. The same applies to websites of other companies belonging to BMW AG (hereinafter referred to jointly as the “BMW companies”) referred to or for which there are links on this website.

This website provides general information on Alphabet products and services, whether financial or otherwise. Users are informed that information on websites referred to or linked to has not been verified or analysed by Alphabet. No express or implicit guarantee or declaration whatsoever is provided concerning the accuracy or completeness of this information with regard to price estimates, calculations of the costs of lease amounts or other calculations, and any liability for errors or omissions herein is expressly rejected.

Alphabet and the BMW companies accept no responsibility for the content of any other websites that have a link to a website. A link to another website is solely provided for the convenience of the user and does not imply that Alphabet or the BMW companies endorse and/or approve said website or any products or services it describes. Access to and use of other websites linked to this website is at the user’s own risk, and Alphabet and the BMW companies accept no obligation or liability whatsoever in this regard. Alphabet reserves the right to delete any link or related program at any time.

All the information on this site, including but not limited to graphics, text and links to other sites, is provided “in its current state” and may be modified without prior notice. To the extent possible under applicable law, this information is provided without any express or implied guarantee, including but not limited to, implied guarantees of saleability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement of any right and absence of computer viruses or similar items resulting in denial of use. Alphabet provides no guarantee as to the error-free, uninterrupted operation of this website.


The content of this site is subject to copyright law and additional intellectual property protection. All property rights relating to webpages, content and classification are held by Alphabet or its licensors. Users are not permitted to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, publish, sell, license or edit the content of the site, or to reuse it on other sites, or to generate or use derivative work from the site for any purpose other than that for which this site is intended, namely the provision of information about Alphabet.

Ownership of trademarks, service makes and logos (“makes”) appearing on this site and/or any other BMW companies’ website is held by said BMW companies. Users are not permitted to use these makes without the prior written consent of Alphabet or the BMW company in question.


Fleet Agent disclaimer

No-obligation price estimate
Alphabet does not guarantee the error-free, uninterrupted functioning of this no-obligation quote. Although Alphabet attempts to ensure that the no-obligation quote is precise and accurate, Alphabet cannot guarantee this precision and accuracy and it cannot prevent unauthorised third parties from adding, removing or modifying information to the quote. Alphabet expressly rejects any liability for errors or omissions appearing in the no-obligation quote.

Price estimates included in the no-obligation quote are the result of the data you have entered. These price estimates are not binding on Alphabet in any way. Alphabet is solely bound by the agreement it has entered into with its customer.

Alphabet expressly rejects any liability arising from failure to perform an agreement, wrongful acts, strict liability or any other legal basis for all direct, indirect, incidental or special damage or consequential loss arising from or in any way connected with the use of the no-obligation quote.

Your password is unique to your account and ensures that it is protected against use by unauthorised persons. Alphabet is not responsible for lost, stolen or otherwise disclosed passwords. For this reason, please protect your password and do not share it with others.




Alphabet Belgium Long Term Rental nv
Ingberthoeveweg 6, 2630 Aartselaar

BTW - BE 0438 973 597
Ondernemingsnummer - 0438.973.597
RPR/RPM Antwerpen
FSMA: 62052 A

Tel. +32 (0)3 450 18 18
Fax +32 (0)3 457 41 31

Privacy Statement

The high standards you expect from us with respect to our products and services are the guideline for us on how to handle your data, including your personal data. We aim to lay a solid foundation for confidential business relationships with our customers and potential customers, partners and mobility users, and to maintain this as well. We set great store by the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data. It is for this reason that we will carefully process and use your data for specific purposes that are consistent with your consent and in accordance with the legal provisions related to the protection of data.

Alphabet Belgium Long Term Rental NV Privacy Statement
Alphabet Belgium Long Term Rental NV is a service provider active in the business mobility sector, and it is in this capacity that we process personal data. Most of the data we process is related to offering our mobility solutions to customers, to include, for example, the possibility of leasing a car, LCV or even a bicycle along with related services. However, this also consists of mobility card provision and car rentals. For all of these services we receive and process personal data. For example, these include customer data, and data from their employees and drivers or representatives of business partners or potential business partners. In the case of B2E (business to employee), we also process data of private lease customers. This statement applies to personal data that we receive from and about these individuals.
Processing your data starts with the mobility solution application process, namely with drawing up a quotation and any resulting subsequent order. To this end we receive data from your employer or from you. After the initial processing, there will still be other times at which your data is processed, for example if your vehicle is involved in an accident, if there is damage that requires repair, or if we receive traffic fines for your vehicle.  
We also process your data for our additional services, such as providing a fuel card, mobility card, roadside assistance and rental car.

We understand that use of your data requires your confidence. We will therefore apply the highest possible data protection standards and use your data solely for clearly defined purposes and in accordance with your data protection rights.
In the following sections, this privacy statement describes how Alphabet Belgium Long Term Rental NV collects, processes and uses the personal data of its customers or potential customers, business partners and mobility users.

Who is responsible for processing personal data?
As defined in the generally applicable law on privacy, Alphabet Belgium Long Term Rental NV, with its registered office at Ingberthoeveweg 6, 2630 Aartselaar (hereinafter Alphabet and/or we and/or us), is responsible for processing your personal data.
In addition to the address above, Alphabet has branches in Aartselaar and Zaventem.
Alphabet International is the parent company of Alphabet and comprises part of the BMW Group, just as Alphabet does. Due to this relationship there is a possibility that we may share data with both parties.
Alphabet is liable for all your data that are processed via the websites,, our customer portal, and our AlphaGuide app. If your data have been provided by Sales or Service Partners, Alphabet also processes these to the extent that the applicable requirements regarding compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) are satisfied.
Service partners such as garages, roadside assistance, dealer sites, etc. are responsible for processing personal data that you make available to them for the purpose of service provision. This also applies to data processed via the website. Service partners also process your data if they have been transferred by Alphabet, and insofar as the requirements regarding compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data applicable thereto are satisfied.
These data protection policy guidelines also describe how your data are processed by Service Partners. However, these Service Partners may collect other personal data and have their own data protection policy guidelines. In this instance, you can deduce how your data is used based on the respective service partner’s data protection policy guidelines.

When does Alphabet collect and process your personal data?
Alphabet collects and processes your personal data under the following circumstances:
•    If your employer uses Alphabet as a business mobility service provider and has transmitted your data to us in order to purchase mobility solutions;
•    If you directly purchase mobility solutions from us;
•    If you contact us directly, for example via our website, Fleet Agent or one of our employees because you are interested in our mobility solutions or if you have any questions;
•    If you use the AlphaGuide app;
•    If you request information about our products and services (e.g. for a price enquiry);
•    If you respond to our marketing campaigns, for example in the event of online data provision on one of our websites;
•    If your personal data are forwarded to us by Sales Partners or third parties, and if and to the extent that the requirements for compliance with the GDPR have been met; for example, if you have consented to the processing, and if you have raised no objection to the transmission of your data;
•    If we receive personal data relating to maintenance and repair work, roadside assistance, claims management, insurance information, mobility or fuel consumption from our service partners within the context of service provision;
•    If we receive traffic and parking fines related to your person.
We kindly request that you help us keep your data up to date by keeping us informed of changes to your data (including contact data) or preferences. As a customer or mobility user, you can do this via your personal page on our Fleet Agent customer portal.
If you provide data on behalf of another person, you must ensure that the data subject has received this privacy statement in advance.

What data relating to your person can be collected?
The following categories of personal data may be collected by your employer, you or our Sales/Service Partners. Under “For what purposes do we process your data?” you can find a detailed overview of the data processed per mobility solution.
-    Contact data        Surname, first name, address, telephone number, email address, employer.
-    Contract data        Contract number, quotation number, lease amount, VIN number, number plate, lease elements.
-    Financial data        IBAN data, mandate ID in case of direct debit.
-    Biological data        Date of birth, sex.
-    Biographical data    Size of the household, employment status.
-    Transaction data    Data on maintenance, fuel consumption, damages, interaction with the Drivers Desk and or Sales Support (for requests and complaints), participation in market research).
-    Data relating to your online account    Fleet Agent login data.
-    Website use and communications    Data on how you use the website and whether you open or forward messages from us, including data collected through cookies. You can find more information about Cookies here (link to Cookies, add paragraph or statement).
-    Data related to testing your credit rating and identity Data to identify you (e.g., driving licence) with respect to your credit rating in the case of B2E data such as a payslip, information concerning fraud, criminal offences, suspicious transactions, PEPs and penalty lists on which your data is listed.
-    Data relating to the use of Alphabet Apps and services    Data concerning your Alphabet apps use (on your mobile phone), such as AlphaGuide and AlphaCity.
-    Data intended to locate the vehicle    Data on the location of your vehicle or mobile device. Where applicable, Alphabet can receive and use these data in accordance with the detailed descriptions of the respective services and the security measures for location data.
Alphabet does not have access to the vehicle’s operational data, data relating to comfort and infotainment. If you wish to access these details, you can contact your car’s make; the contact details can be found in the respective privacy statements of the relevant makes.

For what purposes do we process your data?
Alphabet will only process your data if this is required for concluding an agreement with its corresponding provision of service. Based on the legal grounds that follow, we process your data under the following circumstances:


Legal ground

Processing purposes

By virtue of our legal obligations.

In response to mandatory requests from authorities or regulatory parties.

By virtue of it being necessary for entering into an agreement or executing this agreement.

To assess your credit rating.

For mobility solution delivery, correct handling of maintenance and repairs; all in accordance with the agreement.

By virtue of us (or a third party) having a legitimate interest therein (this applies only if your interests do not outweigh ours in individual cases).

For the detection of fraud and criminal activities to protect our Company and society against crime and the consequences thereof.


By virtue of us having obtained your consent.

For marketing - to send you news and offers.

For the research and development of our products and services to provide even better services through surveys (satisfaction surveys).

All uses for which we require your consent are described in your dashboard preferences on Fleet Agent, where you can modify your preferences at any time.

How do we protect your personal data?
To protect your personal data, we take various security measures such as the use of encryption and authentication tools in conformity with state-of-the-art technology for the protection and maintenance of your data’s security, integrity and accessibility.
We cannot guarantee 100% protection against unauthorised access in the event of data transmission across the internet or a website; however, we and our service providers and business partners do our utmost to protect your personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations (GDPR) by means of physical, electronic and process-oriented security measures based on current, state-of-the-art technology. Among other things, we use the following principles and means:

  • Strict consent criteria for accessing your data in accordance with the “need to know” principle (limitation to as few people as possible) and solely for the purposes specified
  • Collected data is only transmitted in encrypted form
  • Firewall protection of IT systems to protect against unauthorised access, for example by hackers
  • Permanent monitoring of IT system access to detect and prevent misuse of personal data

If you have received a password from us or have created a password yourself to access certain sections of our website or other portals, apps or services we operate, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this password and complying with all other security procedures indicated to you by us. In particular, please do not share your password with or tell it to anyone else.

How long do we store your data?
In accordance with Article 17 of the GDPR, we store your data for the time needed to reach the objectives for which we process your data. Alphabet has developed internal procedures for the deletion of data to ensure that all your data is deleted in accordance with the principle of data minimisation and Article 17 of the GDPR. The fundamental principles by which your personal data are deleted are described below.

To whom do we give international access to your data and how do we ensure that these data are protected?

Alphabet is part of the BMW Group. The personal data of Alphabet customers and mobility users can also be processed for and by other companies affiliated with BMW AG. The preferred option is for personal data processed by us and/or the BMW group to be processed within the EU.

If data are processed in countries outside the EU, Alphabet uses standard EU contracts, which include the appropriate technological and organisational measures to ensure that your personal data are processed at the same level of security applicable under the European GDPR.

In some countries outside the EU, such as Canada and Switzerland, the EU has already established a level of data protection analogous to that of Europe. An analogous level of data protection means data transmission to these countries does not require any special permissions or agreements.

How can you see which personal data we have about you and how can you change your privacy preferences?
Via Fleet Agent, our online CRM portal, you have access to the personal data relating to you that we store. If permitted, it is also possible to modify your data here.
You can also view and possibly modify the Marketing Communication and Customer Satisfaction Survey permissions you have activated here.
However, settings related to data usage by service partners cannot be modified on your online account. To enact these changes, or if you have any questions about the use of your data, you must therefore contact the respective service partners directly.

Contacting us, your privacy rights and your right to submit a complaint at the national data protection authority
If you have any questions about the use of your data and our processing methods or about this privacy statement, you can contact the Data Privacy Protection Officer (DPPO) directly via the following mailbox:

Amendments to the Privacy Statement
Alphabet may amend this Privacy Statement (last amended on 25 May 2018). We recommend that you regularly consult this Privacy Statement, at the very least for cases in which you provide (or once again provide) Alphabet with personal data.

Alphabet cookie policy


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that stores internet settings. Almost every website uses cookie technology. It is downloaded by your internet browser on the first visit to a website. The next time this website is opened with the same user device, the cookie and the information stored in it is either sent back to the website that created it (first-party cookie) or sent to another website it belongs to (third-party cookie). This enables the website to detect that you have opened it previously with this browser and in some cases to vary the displayed content. Some cookies are extremely useful, as they can improve the user experience on opening a website that you have already visited a number of times. Provided you use the same user device and the same browser as before, cookies remember for example your preferences, how you use a site, and adapt the displayed offerings to be more relevant to your personal interest and needs. Depending on their function and intended purpose, cookies can be divided into four categories*: Essential cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies, cookies for marketing purposes.

Your cookie settings on this website

Cookies not requiring consent on this website (“strictly necessary” cookies)

Essential cookies, also referred to as "strictly necessary" cookies, ensure functions without which you would not be able to use this website as intended. These cookies are used exclusively by Alphabet and are therefore so-called first-party cookies. They are only stored on your user device during the current browser session. When switching sites, for example, such essential cookies ensure the functionality of a change from http to https and thus compliance with increased security requirements for data transfer. Also, a cookie such as this also saves your decision with regard to the use of cookies on our website. Your consent is not required for the use of essential cookies.

Essential cookies cannot be disabled using the function of this site. In general, you can disable cookies in your browser at any time.

We also use two functional cookies on the Alphabet websites: 1. to store and remember your language choice and 2. to store and save your choice in our LCV tool. Find more details in the list below.

Examples of cookies not requiring consent / list of cookies not requiring consent:

First-party cookies         Purpose    Expiration date       Category*
Cookie-agreed     The cookie guideline regulates that visitors have to be informed if cookies are used on a website. This cookie saves the visitors´ agreement to this. (Website content managers only)   101 days     Essential cookies
cookie-agreed-be     The cookie guideline regulates that visitors have to be informed if cookies are used on a website. This cookie saves the visitors´ agreement to this. (Normal website visitors)   101 days     Essential cookies
Session Cookie: Backend     Remember the login of a user to make sure he stays logged in. (Website content managers only)   24 days     Essential cookies
toolbar     Remember the users' chosen toolbar orientation for the next visit. (Website content managers only)   1 year     Essential cookies
toolbarActiveTab     Saves states for Admin-Menu in CMS backend for the next visit. (Website content managers only)   1 year     Essential cookies
Drupal.visitor.set_locale     Remember a visitors' language choice to show him the same language again on his next visit. (Website content managers & normal website visitors)   1 year     Functional cookies
Session Cookie: LCV     Remember a visitors' LCV choice to save LCV car information for next visits. (Normal website visitors)   24 days    

Functional cookies


Cookies requiring consent on this website

Cookies that are not essential to be able to use the website in line with the above definition perform important tasks. Without these cookies, functions that enable convenient surfing on our website, for example pre-completed forms, are no longer available. The settings you have made cannot be stored and must therefore be queried new on each page. Furthermore, we have no possibility to adjust to you with individually adapted offers.

Alphabet also integrates content from third parties in this website. Examples of this are the integration of Facebook services or YouTube videos. These third-party providers can theoretically set cookies while you are visiting the Alphabet website, obtaining the information that you have opened an Alphabet website, for example. Please visit the websites of third-party providers to obtain more information regarding their use of cookies. If you have decided as a general principle not to give your consent to the use of cookies that require consent or to revoke consent that has been given, you are only provided with the functionalities of our website where we can guarantee use without these cookies. Areas of our website that potentially offer the technical possibility to integrate third-party content and therefore to set third-party cookies are not available to you in this case. You are informed of this by a corresponding prompt. If you nonetheless wish to use the content of the website in such a case, this is only possible if you agree to use cookies requiring consent. Activate the consent function available at the respective position on our website.

Examples / list of cookies requiring consent:

Consent requiring cookies       Purpose       Expiration date        Category*
_ga     Distinguish visitors for analytics reasons. (Website content managers & normal website visitors)     2 years     Performance cookies
_gid     Distinguish visitors for analytics reasons. (Website content managers & normal website visitors)     24 hours     Performance cookies
_gat     Throttle request rate (Website content managers & normal website visitors)     1 minute     Performance cookies



Depending on their function and intended purpose, cookies can be divided into four categories*: Essential cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies, cookies for marketing purposes.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are required so that you can navigate on a website and use its features. Without these cookies, functionalities cannot be ensured, for example that actions performed during a visit (e.g. text input or vehicle configuration) are preserved, also when navigating between individual pages of the website.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies enable a website to save details that have already been provided (e.g. user name, your location) and to offer the user improved, more personal functions. Functional cookies are used, for example, to enable requested functions such as the playback of videos. These cookies collect anonymized information; they cannot track your movement on other websites.


Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect information on how a website is used – for example which pages a visitor opens most frequently and whether they receive error messages from a page. These cookies do not save any information that permits identification of the user. The collected information is aggregated and anonymous. These cookies are used exclusively to improve the performance of a website and thus the user experience.


Cookies for marketing purposes

Cookies for marketing purposes are used to extract advertisements that are relevant to specific users and adapted to their interests. They are also used to limit the frequency of appearance of an advertisement and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They register whether you have visited a website or not. This information can be shared with third parties, for example advertisers. Cookies to improve target group contact and advertising are often linked with page functionalities of third parties.

Use of cookies on

In the same way as most websites you visit,  also uses cookies to improve the user experience for both one-off and repeated visits to the website. This enables you to switch quickly and easily between pages, to save your favorites, to communicate via social networks such as Facebook or Google+, and to use Google Maps services.

Cookies are set either by our website (first-party cookies) or by other websites from which content appears on our website (third-party cookies). For example, our "Parts" website integrates buttons that enable users to share content with their friends on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. These third-party providers can set cookies when you are logged in to their sites and visit our website. Alphabet has no influence on the cookie settings of these websites. Please visit the websites of third-party providers to obtain more information regarding their use of cookies.

Managing and deleting cookies

With the cookie switcher, you have the possibility to refuse or accept cookies requiring consent. You can also block and delete cookies by changing your browser settings. To manage cookies, most browsers allow you to refuse or accept all cookies or only to accept certain types of cookie. The process for the management and deletion of cookies can be found in the help function integrated in the browser. If you wish to limit the use of cookies, you will not be able to use all the interactive functions of our website.

Changes to our Cookie Notice

Alphabet may modify or update this Notice when necessary (latest update May 23 2018), to reflect customer feedback and changes in our Alphabet Products and Service. Please review it regularly. When we update this Notice, we will revise the 'Last Update' date at the top of the Notice.

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