• Fuel management

Fuel management

As an experienced leasing firm, Alphabet helps its customers to develop ideas for optimising all aspects of their car fleet. Fuel costs account for between 15 and 20% of the total cost of a fleet. This is a good reason to analyse the fuel requirements of your fleet.

Alphabet can provide you with advice on choosing appropriate fuel cards. We can offer you various solutions, as a fleet manager, to ensure that your fuel is managed efficiently.

Your benefits as a fleet manager:

  • Choice of various national and international fuel cards (Network Fuel Card, Shell and Total).
  • Maximum security for each fuel card.
  • Comprehensive online reports for transparent management.
  • Best price agreements with fuel suppliers.
  • Alphabet takes complete care of your administration.

Your driver benefits from a wide range of petrol stations and networks in strategic locations. Depending on the type of card, other options may be included, such as refuelling when abroad and toll road and tunnel charges. The driver has the benefit of maximum convenience, thanks to the broad selection of petrol stations available and the elimination of expense accounts.

Fuel management at Alphabet: sound advice for choosing the right fuel card, for both you and your driver.