Fuel management

If your company opted for the Alphabet fuel system, you have an Alphabet Fuel Pass which you can use to fill up 24/7 at a large number of petrol stations.

Depending on the system chosen by your company, you will reiceive:

  • An NFC fuel card (Network Fuel Card) Nationwide, enabling you to fill up at all partnering Esso, Shell, Q8 and Total filling stations in Belgium;
  • Or an NFC-fuel card International, giving you the same options as the NFC Nationwide, whilst also allowing you to fill up at Shell and Esso stations across Europe;
  • Or the Total fuel card, which can be used to fill up nationwide (500 stations), around the Benelux (all stations in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg) or Europe-wide (12,300 stations) at Total petrol stations.
  • Or the Shell fuel card, which can be used to fill up nationwide (250 stations) or Europe-wide (over 11,300 stations) at Shell filling stations.

All fuel cards come with a secret code.

Make sure you record your odometer read-out each time you fill up. This is important to ensure the accuracy of the round-ups your company is provided with by Alphabet.

Fuel declaration

If you, due to circumstances, are unable to get to a terminal that accepts the card you have been issued with, you will need to settle up yourself. You can pass on the amount to Alphabet by way of the fuel declaration. Please return this form fully completed, along with the receipt to Alphabet (Ingberthoeveweg 6, 2630 Aartselaar), care of the Fuel Administration department. The sum will be paid into your account as soon as possible.

Download the declaration form.

Loss or theft of the fuel pass

If your fuel pass gets lost or stolen, please report this immediately:

  • By fax: +32 (0) 3 457 41 31 (during office hours)
  • By telephone: +32 (03) 459 51 40 (during office hours)
  • Through the Total Helpdesk at +32 (0)2 288 94 00 (24/24) for Total fuel cards
  • Through the NFC Helpdesk at +32 (0)2 508 92 11 (24/24) for the NFC and Shell fuel cards

Declaration form

Please send this form fully completed, along with the receipt, to Alphabet (care of the Fuel Administration department).