• Fleet Agent

Fleet Agent

Fleet Agent allows your drivers to calculate and compare quotes online, to order the car they require, and to consult all kinds of useful information and documents.

In addition to featuring an option to calculate quotes and providing a wealth of useful information and documents, Fleet Agent furthermore includes an extensive module, containing detailed management information that can be viewed by you exclusively as fleet manager. All information can be displayed on your screen, including a car fleet summary, mileage progress, fuel consumption, fines and invoice reports. These reports and data can be easily downloaded in Excel or PDF format and integrated into your own systems.

Fleet Agent allows you to:

  • Easily calculate lease rates
  • Generate and compare quotes
  • Order vehicles
  • Track the status of your order
  • View contract details
  • Export management information to Excel
  • Look up the market value of your lease cars
  • Easily calculate personal premiums

Fleet Agent is extremely user-friendly:

  • Fleet Agent can be personalised to accommodate your needs, down to the smallest details. Alphabet is able, for instance, to import your lease scheme into the program.
  • You can grant your lease car drivers access to the driver module. Drivers are able to view contract details and calculate quotes and to notify you of a choice of new car, subject to limitations set by you.
  • Support for Fleet Agent is provided by our Web Support service, which is happy to help you, should you have any questions or problems.
  • It goes without saying that Fleet Agent can be accessed 24/7 via a secure site.


Our DriversDesk, a dedicated team with knowledge of your car policy, will support your drivers in using our online tool.

We offer:

  • Direct contact with the driver, up to the moment that the vehicle is ordered.
  • Detailed help on how to use Fleet Agent.
  • Advice when selecting a vehicle, tailored to the individual needs of the driver.
  • One central point of contact for all questions that your drivers may have.

All that you have to do is provide definitive, up-to-date driver information on Fleet Agent. You can opt to send us this information in the form of a quarterly "Drivers file", saved in Excel format and laid out and completed according to Alphabet's instructions.

If you decide to purchase DriversDesk, your drivers will be notified of how the service operates by e-mail.

As a Fleet Manager, you can contact your Mobility Consultant for all your questions regarding Fleet Agent.

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