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Electric driver

Congratulations! Based on the answers you have given, we are already sure that your company is ready to make the step to electric driving.

If your daily commute is less than 50 km, it is best to opt for an electric car (EV). An EV has a range that can take you to your workplace and back without any problems. In this way you benefit optimally from the ecological and tax benefits.

An important rule of thumb: the range of the car should be equal to 150% of the distance you drive every day. This way you can drive comfortably and carefree to your destination.

Throughout this page you will find an overview of your company's profile and some did you know about electric driving.

If you are already convinced of the benefits of Electric driving, or if you have any further questions in which we can help, you can contact us without obligation via this button.


Your employees drive an average of less than 50 kilometers to and from work every day.

Driving behavior

Your employees rarely drive on motorways.


Your employees can only charge their car in one place, either at home or at work.

Did you know

  • The driving range of electric cars is rapidly increasing?
  • 80% of the charging happens at home or at work?
  • Your home consumption can be reimbursed for you?
  • Alphabet offers a formula where you can temporarily use a car with a fuel engine for that single very far journey that you have to do?
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