• DriversDesk


If your company currently operates a car policy, Alphabet can fully enforce the policy for you using DriversDesk. We make sure that your drivers abide by your car policy. We furthermore function as the central point of contact for your drivers and help them with any questions they might have.

In addition to our standard package, which is included in the lease price, Alphabet also offers the services of DriversDesk. For a small additional cost, this package will give you access to numerous benefits that will save you precious time.

What is included in our DriversDesk package?

  • Direct contact with the driver, up to the moment that the vehicle is ordered.
  • Detailed help on how to use Fleet Agent.
  • Advice when selecting a vehicle, tailored to the individual needs of the driver.
  • One central point of contact for all questions that your drivers may have.

All that you have to do is provide definitive, up-to-date driver information on Fleet Agent. You can opt to send us this information in the form of a quarterly "Drivers file", saved in Excel format and laid out and completed according to Alphabet's instructions.

If you decide to purchase DriversDesk, your drivers will be notified of how the service operates by e-mail. Fleet Managers will continue to have direct contact with their personal Mobility Consultant. Drivers can always contact DriversDesk directly, by telephone or by e-mail.