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Why Used Car Leasing could be interesting for you as a company

Via Used Car Leasing, Alphabet provides a second life for young cars in the form of leasing. No doubt, a BMW Series 1 for just €349 a month (excluding VAT) sounds too good to be true. Not only do larger companies benefit from this formula, but it is also highly suited to SMEs. Here are the benefits:

  1. Available immediately

You don’t have time to waste as a company. When you hire someone new, you expect their lease vehicle to be available immediately. Used Car Leasing is perfect for this. You would probably have to wait 2 to 3 months for a new vehicle, but vehicles under this formula are ready immediately.

  1. Financially interesting

Used Car Leasing is also very financially interesting. For example, the BMW 116d EfficientDynamics model is just €349 per month (excluding VAT). This same car, as a new model under an operational leasing formula, will automatically cost around €600 per month. So, there are still many possibilities even if your fleet budget is limited.

  1. Well-maintained cars

Moreover, you get a vehicle that is in perfect condition. Alphabet selects only the best models from the vehicles that are at the end of their contracts, that have a maximum of 80,000 km on the odometer, and that are eligible for a second life via Used Car Leasing. Moreover, these vehicles are 24 months old, at most, and thus are still in prime condition for the coming years. After all, a piece of machinery like this deserves to be seen too.

  1. Attract talent

Recruiting young people or attracting new employees is not always a walk in the park. The fact that you can immediately give them a company car – and one with a premium name like BMW – is undoubtedly an additional asset that you, as an employer, can utilise in the war for talent.

  1. Flexible contract

Plus, this formula is extremely flexible. With Used Car Leasing, a contract is usually concluded for 36 months and 20,000 km per year. But did you know that after two years, the contract can be terminated at no extra cost when, for example, an employee needs a larger vehicle?

  1. Lower NEDC values

Used Car Leasing is fiscally attractive for both the employee and the employer. Since 1 September, all new vehicles must have their consumption and emission levels measured using the new (and stricter) WLTP test. The values are quite a bit higher than those utilised in the previous NEDC test. From a tax perspective, these results are provisionally converted, using a formula, to the so-called ‘correlated NEDC values’, but these also increase the CO2 figures. With Used Car Leasing, the vehicles are a maximum of two years old and thus have lower NEDC values. This not only benefits the company itself, it also reduces the employee’s benefit in kind (BIK).

  1. Also for My Personal Lease

Is your company already participating in the My Personal Lease formula, whereby employees who are not eligible for a company car can still conclude a lease contract with Alphabet for a company car as a private individual? In that case, did you know that they can also opt for a budget-friendly used car?

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