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Used Car Leasing gives recent cars a second lease life

Used Car Leasing gives recent cars a second lease life

With Used Car Leasing, Alphabet offers recent cars for leasing for a second time. With this option, cars are immediately available at a competitive price.

A fleet of lease cars becomes available at the end of a lease contract: the standard outcome is that they are sold. However, Alphabet is now offering a new useful alternative to the market with Used Car Leasing.

“Companies have no time to lose, and they want to be able to offer new employees a company car as quickly as possible. Rapid switching is important, also in the mobility approach,” says Marc Vandenbergh, Director Sales & Marketing at Alphabet Belgium. “Used Car Leasing is the ideal option here, and its mobility solutions seamlessly combine speed, flexibility and competitive lease rates.”

A used car is immediately available and can be picked up right away by a new employee, all at a reduced cost price. For its Used Car Leasing offer, Alphabet selects cars no more than 24 months old with a maximum of 80,000 kilometres on the odometer. This ensures that the recent second-hand vehicles are in perfect condition and can be used without any problems for a few more years. Moreover, the vehicles on offer fall under the old CO2 legislation, making the option advantageous for both the employer and the employee from a tax perspective.

A lease contract under Used Car Leasing runs for 36 months and covers 20,000 kilometres per year. However, a company can terminate the contract free of charge after two years. When the employee is entitled to a larger or different car, this is not a problem. Alphabet is currently offering the BMW
1 Series 116d Efficient Dynamics for this mobility solution. This offer will then be expanded further in the future.

Used Car Leasing can also be selected within the My Personal Lease offer, where Alphabet concludes a lease contract directly with its customers’ employees.


About Alphabet

As one of the market leaders in corporate mobility in Europe, Alphabet helps companies manage their fleet in an efficient and sustainable manner. Alphabet was founded in 1997 as a division of BMW Group and has since acquired extensive knowledge in the field of international fleet management and operational leasing. The comprehensive service it offers includes advice as well as financing. Alphabet’s corporate mobility solutions are tailor-made to ensure that they satisfy companies’ specific requirements.

With a portfolio of over 680,000 vehicles of all makes in 24 countries, it is one of the four major players on the market. In Belgium Alphabet currently manages over 52,000 vehicles, also good for a place in the top three.

Its expertise and technology enable Alphabet to play a leading role in Advanced Mobility Solutions: AlphaElectric offers businesses extensive eMobility solutions, AlphaCity provides a cost-saving Corporate Car Sharing arrangement and AlphaFlex allows companies to integrate a mobility budget. Our convenient AlphaGuide is an ideal app for all of our drivers on the road.



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