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My Personal Lease: 0% fuss, 100% benefits

My Personal Lease: 0% poespas, 100% voordelen

With My Personal Lease, employees can lease a vehicle at their own expense. All without any fuss for the employer and with a load of benefits for the employee. A new solution that makes mobility that much more accessible. Martine Elst (Project Lead My Personal Lease) and Anja Geril (Manager Sales Planning & Steering) explain the benefits.

Why is My Personal Lease a good solution for the employer?

If the employer is an Alphabet client, then all of their employees are eligible to lease a new vehicle at favourable conditions and at their own expense. This is a direct contract between Alphabet and the employee. And that’s precisely where the employer’s biggest benefit lies; there are no financial obligations, no management, no files, and no administration for the employer to deal with. At the same time, the system offers an additional opportunity for the company to profile itself on the job market as an attractive employer.”

What are the benefits for the employee?

“He or she can choose a new, efficient vehicle from among around twenty different models. And the employee doesn’t even have to leave the house. The application, the management, and the follow-up are all done online. Among others, the range of vehicles includes many popular models like the Ford Fiesta, the Opel Astra and Grandland, the Fiat 500, the Mini One, and the Hyundai Kona Twist.”

“Furthermore, each vehicle comes with a comprehensive service pack. The pack includes comprehensive insurance coverage for the entire duration, maintenance, tyres, any repairs, car registration tax and road tax, emergency assistance (national and international), legal assistance, and even a replacement vehicle. Plus, the employee doesn’t have to finance the value after depreciation at the end of the contract. He or she can just conclude a follow-up contract.”

Is My Personal Lease more interesting than buying a new car?

Alphabet offers My Personal Lease at an incredibly competitive all-in price. The monthly cost is cheaper than it would be when buying the car yourself, having to personally cover the maintenance and repair costs, taking out personal insurance policies, etc. Our significant fleet discount makes it possible for us to offer this low price, which a private individual would never get from a dealer and insurance agency.”

“With My Personal Lease, all the costs and fuss of an automotive loan are also avoided. Plus, you can hit the road without worries thanks to the comprehensive insurance coverage. And because the standard duration is 48 months, the employee always has an efficient vehicle equipped with cutting-edge technology.”

In choosing Alphabet, you are choosing a partner that is a pioneer in customised mobility solutions for your company (from bicycle leasing to used car leasing) and which guarantees this customised service. And it does all of this at competitive prices.

How does My Personal Lease work?

1. The employee selects a model, the interior, and the outer colour, the duration (48 months standard), and the desired annual mileage online on the My Personal Lease page.

2. The contract will be sent after approval by the Alphabet financial department (within 5 working days). The employee is given 14 days to reconsider as from signing this contract. After this reconsideration period has passed, the vehicle is ordered by the brand dealer selected by the employee.

3. The employee picks up the vehicle from an official dealer of his or her choosing. He or she pays the monthly leasing amount to Alphabet directly.

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