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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

With this communication, we would like to inform you of the further steps Alphabet Belgium is taking in response to the measures taken by the Federal Government.

All our employees will work from home until further notice. Since a number of crucial processes can only be carried out from the office, a minimum number of employees will be present at the office. Naturally, all necessary precautions will be taken to protect their health.

All internal and external meetings will only be held via Skype.

Despite these measures, we will continue to strive for an optimal service but will certainly see an impact.

The health and well-being of our employees, their families and partners are our first priority. 

Do not hesitate to contact our Driver Center for all your practical questions concerning your Alphabet leasing car (maintenance of your vehicle, tire changes, technical inspection, etc.), by telephone on the following number: 03 / 459.54.30 or by email at '' following address:

Thank you for your understanding.


As a driver, I have all kinds of practical questions. Who should I contact?

For all questions related to the vehicle and its use, our Driver Center is still available on 03 459 54 30 or at

Can I still go on inspection with my vehicle?

At present, our partners are unable to allow an assessment to be conducted. This is to ensure the safety of their staff and our customers. End-of-contract inspections can no longer take place and may therefore no longer be scheduled. This cannot be done at the customer’s address or at our end-of-contract car compound.

Can I still go to Eneco?

Because the health and safety of Eneco’s employees, partners and customers are paramount, Eneco is not taking any risks. The employees are working from home insofar as possible to monitor the process and offer you the service you have come to expect from us. We are and remain accessible via the known channels: 015 40 41 54 (on working days between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.) and

What about the installation of the Eneco system in my home?

Eneco has daily contact with their installation partners. For the time being, all planned installations will continue. The installers will contact the customer the day before the planned installation to discuss whether it is desirable and possible to proceed. Our installation partners also adhere to all the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Does the installation of your system still need to be scheduled? Keep in mind that this may take a little longer than usual. If the situation changes, Eneco will, of course, inform customers. In addition, our emergency number 02 588 53 00 remains accessible, and the additional measures will also be followed in the event of any interventions.

Can I count on receiving a fuel card if I apply for one?

Fuel cards are being sent daily.

On the road
My car has been damaged. Where can I go?

The insurance policy provides a list of body shops that are remaining open. Note that the services are limited.

My car needs maintenance. Where can I go?

Service provides a list of garages that are remaining open. Note that the services are limited.

I have to change from winter to summer tyres. I have a flat or damaged tyre. I have to transfer my stored tyres. What should I do?

The tyre centres have closed. However, a driver can go to a limited number of centres for emergencies only.

My vehicle needs to have a technical inspection. (or possibly similar question:) The validity date of my technical inspection has already passed. Since the inspection stations are closed, what do I do now? What about the insurance?

For anyone who had to go to the inspection station after 13 March, the term is extended by four months after the emergency measures have been lifted. This applies to the first inspection as well as periodic inspections.

My vehicle’s maintenance interval has been reached. Can I continue driving, or do I need to have the maintenance done?

In the first instance, a maximum transgression of 1,500 km is allowed. Next, the mileage must be considered. If the technical maximum has been reached, the driver must stop using the car. Finally, if the driver can/may no longer continue driving the car, he/she must consult the fleet manager about whether there is an alternative mobility solution within his/her own fleet. If not, agree to arrange a vehicle through AlphaRent (although with payment of the usual rates).

May cars be taken to an Auto 5 or Midas shop?

No. Alphabet has decided not to allow this.

Are the offices accessible?

The offices will remain accessible both by telephone and email, as always, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Will the cars still be delivered and collected (by Alphabet driver services)?

Our service is still 100% operational for the time being. Until further notice, the cars can still be delivered and collected at the customer’s preferred location.  Drivers may not return their STR cars to a rental department in order to avoid contact.

New car
The car I ordered has arrived at the garage and already has number plates. When and how will it be delivered?

Since garages are no longer receiving visitors, and to comply with stricter government measures to avoid non-essential business, vehicles will not be delivered.

My car has arrived and is registered, but cannot be delivered. What happens with the start date? Do I have to pay the monthly rental for a vehicle that is not yet in use?

Alphabet takes the date of actual delivery of the vehicle as the start date of the contract (i.e. when the driver physically/literally took delivery of the car and the driver signed off for this).

The car I ordered has arrived at the garage. When will it be registered?

Since garages are no longer making deliveries (see “delivery”), there is no point at all in registering the car. We will register cars again as soon as the situation has improved and activities in the garages resume.

Does the DIV still register cars?

The offices of the DIV are closed. The number plates already requested are thus delayed.

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