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The 9 win-wins of My Personal Lease

What do the World Cup, the Oscars, or the Eurosong Festival all have in common? There can only be one winner. But with My Personal Lease, there are always two winners: you as the employer and your employee. Below is a list of all the benefits.

  1. Contract between employee and Alphabet

All contracts and contact are handled directly between the employee and Alphabet; nothing goes via the employer. That means 0 financial obligations and 0 hours of management or administration for the employer.

  1. Handy recruitment tool

It costs you nothing as an employer, but you gain a great asset to position yourself as an attractive employer.

  1. Good choice of models

The employee personally selects a new vehicle from a range of around twenty models. The application is submitted via a user-friendly online platform.

  1. Modern & efficient vehicle

Because the standard duration is 48 months, the employee always has an efficient vehicle equipped with cutting-edge technology and safety measures.

  1. Complete service

Each vehicle comes with a comprehensive service pack. All the employee’s worries are taken away. The pack includes comprehensive insurance coverage for the entire duration, maintenance, tyres, any repairs, car registration tax and road tax, emergency assistance (national and international), legal assistance, and a replacement vehicle.

  1. No extensive administration

With My Personal Lease, all the costs and fuss of an automotive loan are also avoided. The employee is not required to make a down payment. And what about the insurance and assistance policies? Alphabet will take care of those too.

  1. Easy to extend or to stop

The employee doesn’t have to find a buyer for the car at the end of the contract. Alphabet takes the vehicle back and arranges its sale. The employee can just conclude a follow-up contract.

  1. No hidden costs

The employee knows exactly how much he or she has to pay each month. There are no unexpected costs or unpleasant surprises for repairs, spare parts, or maintenance. Add this to the comprehensive insurance and you get 100% peace of mind. Only the fuel, fines, and winter tyres are not included.

  1. Competitive price

The vehicle is leased at an incredibly competitive all-in price. The price is much cheaper than it would be when buying the car yourself, having to personally cover the maintenance and repair costs, taking out personal insurance policies, etc.

Looking for more information on My Personal Lease? Download our whitepaper!

Download our whitepaper



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