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6 handy travel apps

6 handige apps voor op reis

Are you going on holiday by car? Don’t forget your smartphone or tablet! Alphabet introduces you to six free, convenient apps for when you’re on the go.

The best route every time

Thanks to Waze, you gain time and save on fuel en route to your holiday destination. As it happens, you don’t just crowd source traffic information along with others in real time, but you also share the rates found at nearby petrol stations. For road obstacles or traffic jams, the app’s route planner automatically redirects you to a faster, alternate route.

Mobile guide

Is your boot cram-packed with luggage? If so, leave your paper travel guides at home and download the Lonely Planet Guides app onto your smartphone or tablet. Every city break is turned into a resounding success with the app’s offline maps, useful phrase book, a feature that converts the local currency into euros and local expert’s practical tips & tricks.

Can’t find your car?

After a trip into a city or village, you can no longer remember where you parked your car. Does this sound familiar? To save yourself a boatload of time and frustration, you can enter your car’s exact location by using the Follow My Car (iOS) and MyCar Locator (Android) tracker apps. The app calculates the quickest pedestrian route for you to where you parked your car.

From Spanish to Ukrainian

From time to time, boredom may crop up among passengers during a long car ride to a sunny destination. So why not spend that time usefully? With the Duolingo language courses you can acquire a new language in a playful way or brush up on languages that you already know. That way the time will fly by and you can immediately make yourself understood on arrival.

Digital building block box

Will you be taking a road trip soon with a back seat full of children? If so, then there’s no better way to keep those endless hours under control than with the LEGO® free apps. For the whole trip, you won’t hear hear a peep from the back seat with games available for different age groups - from Duplo® for toddlers and pre-schoolers to Star Wars for teenagers.

AlphaGuide: your personal assistant

Never be late again to a meeting thanks to our convenient app! Your calendar is rendered as a ‘mobility timeline’ that gives you a signal for when it’s time to leave; moreover, petrol stations and tyre service centres are also signposted. What if the car breaks down or is damaged along the way? It’s possible to easily review your contract details using the app and then contact Alphabet.

Download the free AlphaGuide app here for Android.

Download the free AlphaGuide app here for iOS.

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