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Order your bicycle at a location belonging to our partner, B2Bike. 

How quickly will my bicycle be delivered after ordering?

This depends on whether you have chosen a bicycle from stock, whether you have customised your bicycle or whether you have ordered a new model. The processing of the documents takes approximately three weeks. If you have chosen a speed pedelec, you must still take the registration and request for a number plate into account. The DIV currently needs +- 3 weeks to deliver a number plate.

How far can I go with a full battery?

This depends on the battery’s power and the position in which you use the support; Eco, Sport, Touring, etc. The tyre pressure also affects the driving range. If you would like more information, we recommend that you contact your bicycle shop.

What is the maximum speed the electric motor can support?

Most electric bicycles provide pedal assistance of up to 25 to 26 km per hour.

Do I need a special bicycle carrier for the car when leasing an electric bicycle?

Yes, an adapted bicycle carrier must be provided for electric bicycles. Never transport electric bicycles with a carrier for ordinary bicycles. These carriers have a lower load capacity and are not designed for them. Electric bicycles are heavier than city bicycles and sports bicycles, which is why the bicycle carrier must be sturdier and be able to carry a heavier load. For more advice, please contact the bicycle shop.

Can speed pedelecs with electric self-running support up to 20 km per hour also be ordered?

These bicycles fall outside the range and insurance because the speed pedelec itself can travel at a speed of 20 km/h. These can therefore not be ordered.

Can I also pick two less-expensive bicycles instead of one expensive bicycle?

This is not possible because you can only ride one bicycle at a time from a tax point of view, and you will not be able to benefit from the tax advantages of the other bicycle.

What should I do to choose a new bicycle if my bicycle is stolen or a total loss?

In the case of a total loss, Alphabet’s confirmation must be shown to the bicycle dealer. In the event of theft, an official police report must be drawn up. This must be sent to

Maintenance & repair

All bicycles come with a maintenance contract, and as from three to six months after having been collected, they are entitled to an initial inspection.

You keep track of when the bicycle needs maintenance. As soon as the bicycle requires maintenance according to the manufacturer’s instructions, make an appointment with your authorised bicycle dealer.

May I repair my bicycle myself?

We recommend that repairs be carried out by a professional. If you have the right knowledge and experience to carry out minor repairs, you may do so at your own risk.
Note: it is never recommended to dismantle the rear wheel of an electric bicycle yourself. Your electric bicycle may be damaged and/or the guarantee may be voided. It is recommended that you contact an authorised bicycle repairer or call the breakdown service for this.

Am I entitled to a replacement bicycle during maintenance or repairs?

A replacement bicycle during repair and maintenance work is not part of the Lease Contract. Depending on availability, you can use a free replacement bicycle via your bicycle dealer.

What happens when the bicycle is near the end of its lease term and there are high repair costs?

In that case, we may decide not to have the bicycle repaired and to terminate the contract. You can then start a new contract.

What is included in the maintenance contract?

The maintenance contract is inclusive. Also all repairs that fall under normal wear and tear are included. The same applies for the replacement of batteries and motor.

When should my bicycle be serviced?

Maintenance should be carried out for the first time between three and six months after commissioning. After that, we expect you to have maintenance carried out at least once a year. Always show your service card when you have maintenance carried out.

Is there a limit on the service card?

There is no limit on our service card. The bicycle dealer can find all the details on this card to send the invoice directly to Alphabet. Alphabet covers all costs for repair and maintenance under normal conditions of use. An exemption will be charged for damage if it is non-recoverable.

How many times can I have maintenance done?

According to the instructions of the bicycle dealer/manufacturer or at least once a year.

Do repairs or the replacement of accessories also form part of the maintenance contract?

They are not part of the maintenance contract and are at the expense of the cyclist.

Does the maintenance contract continue if the bicycle is taken over?

No, you are free to enter into a maintenance contract yourself.

Can another brand of tyres be fitted under a lease contract? In other words, can you choose your own tyre brand?

Alphabet cannot determine what type of tyres were originally fitted to the bicycle. But tyres are only replaced when they are broken and not because a better type is available. At that point, a specific tyre brand can be requested. If the tyres are in stock and of the same price category, they can be fitted.

Bicycle assistance

In the event of a breakdown or accident that renders your bicycle inoperative, you can contact the emergency number +32 (0)78 15 05 35, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Insurance policies

All our bicycles come with an insurance package.

Who is allowed to ride the bicycle?

Use by family members living at home is permitted. The minimum age is 16. Anyone using a Speed Pedelec must be in possession of a driving licence.

What is included in the scheme for non-recoverable material damage?

All non-recoverable damage and theft.

Can I also use an electric lock?

Only if this has been ART2 approved.

What to do in case of theft following a break-in of the garage or residence?

If you can prove that your bicycle was locked and you still have the keys in your possession, this is covered by the bicycle insurance and you will be given the opportunity to start a new contract. All keys must be returned to Alphabet. If your bicycle was not locked but you can prove the signs of a breakin in your home, we will also accept it.

It is possible to extend the guarantee by two years?

That is not recommended. The guarantee is covered by the maintenance contract.

Are we obliged to take out an extra warranty on batteries?

That is not mandatory. In the first two years, there is a factory warranty on the electrical components. Afterwards, it will fall under the maintenance contract.

May I take the bicycle with me on holiday?

You may take your lease bicycle with you on holiday. If you have to have a repair done abroad, you must first pay for it yourself. Take some photos, too! When you return to Belgium, you can send the invoice, together with the photos, to and we will reimburse the invoice amount. This only applies if you have a maintenance contract for your bicycle. The bicycle is covered for damage in Belgium and the Netherlands. You can always report damage using the AlphaGuide app or the European damage form. Assistance can be called in Belgium and the Netherlands for breakdown en route.

What about a flat tyre or other damage abroad?

In Belgium and the Netherlands, you can call on Alphabet Assistance. In other countries, you must go to the local bicycle dealer.

What to do in case of an accident?

In the event of an accident, please contact our Insurance Department. This can be done via Fleet Agent, our AlphaGuide App or telephone 03 459 55 00. You will also have to send photos of the damage with a short description of the incident. For towing or repatriation, call assistance 078/15.05.35. Moreover, we do not accept new files by telephone.

How and when can I contact Alphabet Assistance?

Alphabet Assistance is available 24/7 on 078/15.05.35 for breakdowns, punctures and the transport of you and the bicycle following an accident in which the bicycle was immobilised in Belgium or the Netherlands. Always state the contract number indicated on the keyring. For speed pedelecs, state the number plate. You can also find this on the service card.

What if there is damage due to friction from bicycle bags?

If it is assessed by our experts as wear and tear, it is not covered.

What is the own risk amount?
  • Amount of exemption for city bicycles: EUR 35
  • Amount of exemption for electric bicycles: EUR 35
  • Amount of exemption for Speed Pedelecs: EUR 150
What happens if I am standing at the roadside with a flat tyre and I call for assistance?

Our partner Touring comes to the site and will try to repair the bicycle. If this fails, they take the bicycle to the nearest cycling shop on the network and take you to your final destination or home address. The location of the incident must be accessible to the breakdown service’s vehicle.

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