Nominees Lease Car of the Year 2013 are known

AARTSELAAR - On Friday, 8 February, Alphabet announced the nominated cars for the Lease Car of the Year 2013. CO2 emmisions, tax issues, TCO and mainly Benefit in Kind are the criteria playing a prominent role in this preselection.

The 12 nominees for 2013 are:


  • Ford B-Max
  • Peugeot 208
  • Renault Clio


  • Mercedes A-Class
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Volvo V40


  • Citroën C4-Aircross
  • Ford Kuga
  • Mazda 6


  • BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé
  • Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Lexus GS

Mid-March, these vehicles will be subject to a thorough driving test. The “best in class” vehicles, one for each segment, and the winner for 2013 will be revealed on 18 April 2013. This will happen during an award show organised at Alphabet’s new Remarketing & Renting location, along the A12 in Aartselaar.

Ward Martens, Director Marketing & Business Development at Alphabet, is President of the Jury 2013. Furthermore, the jury is composed of 12 members, including 4 journalists, 4 customers and 4 internal specialists.

Ferre Beyens - Automotive Journalist for MMM (Fleet & Business)

Johan Demets - Assistant Chief Editor AutoGids – Moniteur de l’Automobile

Dirk Rasschaert - Editor in Chief at Roularta Custom Media

Alain Vandersande - Journalist at Active (Fleet)

Tim Blanckaert - Manager Utilities and Processes, SECUREX

Caroline Ceustermans - Fleet & Mobility Manager, SWIFT

Sandra Devleeschouwer - HR Comp & Ben Officer, CTG

Nicolas Posson - Senior Buyer at BNP Paribas Fortis

Patricia De Waele - Manager Sourcing at Alphabet Belgium

Kris Holvoet - Manager Operations at Alphabet Belgium

Ann Massart - Manager Marketing & Communications at Alphabet Belgium

Wim Van Rumst - Team leader Field Sales at Alphabet Belgium

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About Lease Car of the Year

In 2013, the 22nd edition of Lease Car of the Year will be held. Trend-setting for every driver, buyer, car manufacturer, fleet manager or expert on lease cars, this annual election is an opportunity for Alphabet to share its knowledge on the subject. Furthermore, this exchange enables Alphabet to tailor its products and services even better to the expectations of its stakeholders. This initiative also reflects Alphabet’s commitment to actively participate in effective and sustainable Business Mobility.

About Alphabet

Alphabet is a provider of business mobility in Europe. As such it helps companies to manage their corporate mobility in an economical and sustainable way. Founded in 1997 as a fleet management division of BMW Group, Alphabet has gathered extensive knowledge in fleet management and leasing. Based on this know-how the company creates innovative and flexible business mobility solutions that fit customers’ needs in 19 countries. Alphabet has more than 490.000 cars of all makes under contract and is ranked fourth in the European market. In Belgium, Alphabet manages more than 33.500 vehicles, earning Alphabet a spot in the top 4. The organisation offers a wide range of products and services including consulting, financing and car-related services, as well as comprehensive management programmes for corporate fleets. For more information, please visit