ING kicks off Electric Vehicle Pilot in collaboration with Alphabet

Aartselaar, 17 September 2015 – On Wednesday 16 September, Alphabet delivered 9 Tesla Model S vehicles to ING employees. This delivery is a major step in the progress of ING towards a greener fleet.

ING started, together with leasing partner Alphabet, an Electric Vehicle Pilot this April. This program reflects the vision of ING to accelerate the transition towards a greener fleet. “We are proud to start an Electric Vehicle (EV) Pilot, in close collaboration with our mobility partner Alphabet, that takes into account the Total Cost of Ownership approach, which factors in fuel savings and tax incentives in the leasing cost,” says Judith Verhoeven, EV Pilot Manager ING Belgium. Three selected electric vehicles will be integrated in the fleet : BMW i3, Mercedes Class B Electric Drive and Tesla Model S. In 2015, over 20 EV ambassadors will hit the road in 2015.

The first 9 EV ambassadors of ING received their electric vehicle on Wednesday 16 September at the Tesla Store in Antwerp. “We are working very hard to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport,” explains Frédéric Jacoby, Fleet Sales Manager Belux Tesla. “However, this cannot be achieved on short term notice without major corporations implementing electric vehicles into their fleet. We are very happy and proud that ING decided to develop such an ambitious EV project in Belgium.”

Orange can be green

ING is working hard to encourage their employees to opt for greener solutions, and the results are promising. “In line with our ambition to manage our environmental impact, we strive to manage our direct carbon footprint,” says Adrie Heinsbroek, Head of sustainability ING Belgium. “As of August 2015, ING’s car fleet had an average CO2 emission of 111 gr/km while the average CO2 emission of cars in Belgium is around 123 gr/km. Moreover, the fuel consumption of our fleet also shows a continuous average reduction.”

“We are thrilled to see that ING is thinking in terms of sustainable mobility and are proud to support them as a leasing partner,” adds Marc Vandenbergh, Director Sales & Marketing Alphabet.

To help ING integrate electric vehicles into their fleet, Alphabet analyses which vehicles are best fit to be replaced with (semi-)electric models. Afterwards, the electric vehicles are implemented and the optimal charging fracture is assembled. Additional services such as charging cards and an alternative car for longer journeys are also available. This 360 degrees approach is key to AlphaElectric, the eMobility solution by Alphabet.

About Alphabet

As one of the market leaders for business mobility in Europe, Alphabet helps companies to manage their vehicle fleets efficiently and sustainably. Alphabet was formed in 1997 as a division of BMW Group and has built up extensive knowledge in the field of international vehicle fleet management and leasing. The extensive service includes both advice and financing. Alphabet business mobility solutions are all tailor-made in order to meet specific business needs.

With a database of over 550,000 vehicles of all makes in 18 countries, the organisation is one of the top four players on the market. In Belgium Alphabet now operates more than 44,000 vehicles and is among the top three.

With its expertise and technology, Alphabet leads the way in the field of Advanced Mobility Solutions: Alpha Electric offers companies extensive e-Mobility solutions, whilst Alpha City offers a cost-cutting Corporate Car Sharing arrangement. You will find more information on


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