Alphabet delivers 729 Toyota hybrids to care provider Solidariteit voor het Gezin

An order for over 700 new hybrid vehicles all at once is a rare occurrence in Europe, let alone in Belgium. The prominent deal will go down in the annals of Solidariteit voor het Gezin, an independent organisation that delivers welfare and health care services in Flanders and Brussels. This autumn, the organisation is replacing the bulk of its car fleet and – is staying true to its public image - by unreservedly opting for the ecological alternative.

As one of the key players on the European fleet market, Alphabet takes its environmental responsibility seriously. “Alphabet has developped efficient ways of minimising the carbon dioxide emissions of car fleets, thereby raising the sustainability of the businesses that choose for Alphabet”, Alphabet Belgium's Managing Director Jan van Roon explains. The very reason why Solidariteit voor het Gezin decided on Alphabet as its leasing partner.

On Monday 6 October, a process got under way whereby some thirty-odd Solidariteit voor het Gezin staff are given the keys to their new cars each week. In collaboration with Toyota, all deliveries are made this month, set to culminate on Wednesday 22 October. That day is to be the perfect occasion for all partners to affirm their co-operation, and to concretise the formal handover of 221 vehicles.

“Our health visitors have arranged their home patient appointments in such a way that they can start their rounds today driving their new car right away. As the new cars are all automatics fitted with a special start-stop system, it's all a little exciting for our staff. But the Toyota advisors are on hand to provide a reassuring word of explanation,” Solidariteit voor het Gezin's HR Director Isabelle Marichal goes on to add.

The fact that Toyota adapted its production lines in Valenciennes to handle this order, and all vehicles were transported to Zeebrugge where they were given a personalised livery before being taken to a delivery centre in Brussels, are just a few elements from the comprehensive action plan that was created by the three partners.

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