• Alphabet Mobility Card

Alphabet Mobility Card

As part of AlphaFlex, the Alphabet Mobility Card is a multi-purpose payment card that gives your employees a chance to pay for their transport costs hassle-free.

Available options

As an employer, you can set a prescribed budget for the Alphabet Mobility Card. The card gives access to a range of services, which can be customised for individual users

  • Public transport
  • Car parks/tolls
  • Bike sharing
  • Refuel
  • Taxi
  • Car Wash
  • International travel

How does it work?

The online tool Fleet Agent, allows your employees to easily choose an Alphabet Mobility Card that conforms to the parameters you’ve set in advance.

Once an Alphabet Mobility Card has been selected and activated, the predetermined balance will be available on a recurring monthly basis. At the start of each new month the budget is topped up to the monthly limit indicated.

The Alphabet Mobility Card is supported by our partner XXImmo, who provides an online platform, mobile website and app on which the available balance and transactions carried out can be viewed. What’s more, the app can be used on the road to find the nearest useful facilities, such as parking and petrol stations.

Mobility Card: part of AlphaFlex

Combine your mobility card with a lease car and or bike.