Advanced mobility solutions

An innovative solution for all your mobility needs.

  • AlphaFlex

    • With AlphaFlex, Alphabet ensures that you can offer various different means of transport to your employees, within a budget that you determine yourself.

    • Your benefits:

      • Multimodality: bike, train or car? Your employees are free to choose the mode of transport that best suits their type of travel.
      • No extra paper work, but one invoice
      • Efficient and sustainable

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  • AlphaElectric

    • AlphaElectric sees Alphabet mapping out the most efficient electric journey for your business.

    • Our eMobility concept is a full-option approach that brings a total solution for driving electric: from analysis and advice to the choice of vehicle, recharging infrastructure and supplementary services.

      What is in it for you?

      • sustainable business mobility
      • save costs through reduced energy and servicing costs
      • positive corporate image
      • care-free integration
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  • AlphaCity

    • AlphaCity is Corporate CarSharing in a very simple and efficient way: instead of kilometre allowances, short-term cars and taxis, your employees can book an AlphaCity car for themselves for business or private purposes.

    • Your benefits?

      • Maximum mobility - Minimum admin
      • Efficient use of pool cars - Reduced mobility expenses
      • Higher occupancy of your pool cars – Rolled back carbon dioxide emissions, with attractive and fuel-miser BMW and MINI models
      • The cars do not require any looking after - AlphaCity sees to it that your cars are clean and available to be used at all times
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  • Pool management

    • Do you want to manage your pool cars, but spend as little time as possible doing so? Alphabet will happily take over your administrative management.

    • Your benefits?

      • Alphabet manages all your pool cars, including non-Alphabet lease cars
      • Online and real-time overviews for maximised deployment of pool cars
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  • Driver training

    • Eco-driving is top of mind, and for good reason. A more economical driving style results in reduced fuel consumption, diminished CO2 emissions, fewer accidents and less stress.

    • More and more companies are wanting to set a good example by reducing the levels of gases emitted by their vehicle fleet. In addition, road safety remains one of the biggest challenges on the road.

      Alphabet offers different formulas, divided in four categories, in collaboration with Global Drivers Concept:

      • Eco-aware and safe driving conduct
      • Eco-Pro Handover training course
      • Proactive driving proficiency training course
      • Integrated training project including follow-up
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  • Bikes

    • Avoid queues and parking charges and combine your lease car with a bicycle.

    • Your benefits?

      • Broad and varied offer
      • Low prices
      • Insurance, breakdown and maintenance services possible.
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  • Add-on Mobility

    • Alphabet’s Add-on Mobility allows your drivers to combine an environmentally-friendly vehicle with sufficient space and autonomy when they need it. Flexibility, freedom and space are key.

    • Your benefits

      • This is a sustainable and eco-sensitive solution that doesn't jeopardize the comfort of your drivers.
      • It's more economical for you because the monthly lease rate as well as fuel costs are lower.
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  • Alphabet Mobility Card

    • The Alphabet Mobility Card is a multi-purpose payment card that gives your employees a chance to pay for their transport costs hassle-free.

    • Available options:

      • Public transport
      • Parking
      • Tol
      • Bike sharing
      • Fuel
      • Taxi
      • Car Wash
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