• Add-on Mobility

Add-on Mobility

Alphabet strives at all times to offer both you and your employees the most suitable mobility solution. A compact car, an electric car or LCV is all you need most of the year to get around. But what if your employees need to go on a business trip, have a meeting abroad or wish to cover longer distances? And what about if they want to go on holiday or arrange to move house?

Alphabet’s Add-on Mobility is the perfect solution, offering not only your drivers, but you as fleet manager countless benefits. Add-on Mobility allows drivers to combine an environmentally-friendly vehicle with sufficient space and autonomy when they need it. Flexibility, freedom and space are key.

How does it work?

At the start of the lease contract, the driver chooses one of the following formulas:

  • Smart - € 35 per month
  • Comfort - € 60 per month
  • Extended - € 75 per month
  • Deluxe - € 100 per month

Depending upon the driver’s preferred budget, they have the option of choosing another car from any of our various categories, for a period of use no less than one business day. Add-on Mobility must be reserved at least seven days in advance. Bookings and/or follow-up are easy to manage with our online tool Fleet Agent. The car can be collected from our offices in Zaventem, Aartselaar or Hasselt. We can also deliver the car to your company or to the driver’s home. What’s more is that this is even included in the rate. If the driver does not use up his budget, then the balance is transferred to next year’s budget. Mileage is unlimited.

Countless benefits

  • Opt for sustainable and environmentally-friendly entrepreneurship with Add-on Mobility, while ensuring that your drivers’ needs and requirements are met. Offer them a compact car, electrical car or LCV as a lease car, without depriving them of a larger car when necessary. That way, you can combine a lower budgeting with enough space and flexibility.
  • You also reduce costs. The monthly lease rate and fuel cost will be reduced. Additionally, your Add-on Mobility is budgeted in advance and is also included in the rental agreement, so no unexpected costs will follow.